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Bre and I walk into this cafe. The sun just went down. I looked around and saw a familiar face. It was Jimin then behind him like a shadow was Yoongi. Bre waved Yoongi over. I began brushing my locks back and adjusting my white lace shirt so it did not hug to many of my curves.

Jimin smiled and I instantly felt blood rushing to my chubby cheeks. I look down. I could feel Jimin staring at me.

"Someone as beautiful as you should never look down." He grined and presented a small pink flower.

"Ah lover boy." Yoongi hissed.

Jimin placed the flower behind my ear. When he touched me I felt electricity and a flood of visions. Us making love...golden thrones....a lady face....war....and Jimin going to town on himself with some strands of my hair.

I push out a smile. "Thanks Jimin. Now lets get on with this interview."

"Um I invited Bre." Yoongi said while rolling his eyes.

"Is he an asshole all the time?" I ask Jimin ignoring Yoongi growling.

"Yes." Jimin laughed.

"Jessa be nice. He did technically invite me. Maybe you and Jimin can hang out." Bre said.

I push out a smile and roll my eyes. I know this is important to Bre. I guess I could pay along. Besides this Jimin dude is...idk sweet.

I walk to another table and Jimin follows me. He sits across from me and its like he undressing me with those sexy eyes. A waiter comes and take our orders. I order a bubble melon tea. He orders a blood orange smoothie.

We have small talk then Jimin grabs my hand and strokes my knuckles. He smiles and the waiter come with our order.

Shit saved by the waiter.

I sip my drink and Jimin drinks his smoothie.

"I hope that drink doesn't have real blood in it. That would be gross." I blurt.

"Well it does have blood in it. It's a vampire special." Jimin says.

"There is no such thing as vampires Jimin."

"Jessamine I'm a vampire and so is Yoongi. Our kind is eveywhere."

"Okay then prove it! What do I want?" I said boldly.

Jimin blushes. "You want me to eat you out in the back alley with the red brick wall."

"What the fuck Jimin?"

Jimin laughs. "Oh fuck thats what I want to do to you. You want the voices to stop."

I don't know to be scared or believe him. How did he know?

"The voices are overwhelming?" Jimin ask.

"Look I'm out Jimin. This is too much." I say and grab my bag.

Jimin grabs my arm. "Baby don't leave. umm I mean Jessamine please stay. Let's talk about music.

Jessamine POV

Idk wtf happened. Jimin went from creeping me out to pullung at my shirt and kissing my neck. We are in the alley making out. His lip was soft but his kisses were super intense. We were kissing like we been together for a 100 years. Suddenly, he lifted me up against the wall. I had a panic attacked. When dudes pick up plus size girls. He began mummbling in my ear about how bad he wanted to be inside me. Light rain poured from the dark sky but everything was so vivid. He pulled away to look at me. Then he asked me to be his. I said yes. I shocked myself. I had no idea yes would open up the flood gates. He bit down on my neck and my exposed cleavage staining my shirt.

He ripped right through my legs and made me a woman. I could feel him break right through the tender skin protecting my childhood...innocence. I moan in pleasure and pain and then I feel pain in my mouth. Suddenly I had the urge to bit his neck and I do so. I see his life fly past me as he nails me. Suddenly pleasure rushes all over me. I moan out his name. He bends me over and takes me without mercy and plays with my clit. He moans that I'm his and we are one. Then I feel myself get weak as I come so loudly and he explodes inside me.

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