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This is my new Ken cosplay from Tokyo ghoul. I hope you enjoy my trash content and awful picture taking quality....
You look amazing!!
Thank you so much!!!!!
Great work all around, I just scrolled past your other cosplay cards on my feed, and I amazed at your skill and dedication
Thank you so much!! I'm working on gathering another cosplay for the summer and I can't wait and I may have sort of professions pictures done for my cosplays. I'm still a beginner in all this
great cosplay, are you working on the mask?
I working on getting another since I gave my other away. But I may or may not stick with ken because I really want to cosplay as Hide.
I love it!
Good start, as far as makeup goes, anything beyond like, zombie makeup or clown makeup Is so far out of my own personal experience, much less expertise, that it's the equivalent of giving a gorilla paint and telling him to fingerpaint an exact duplicate of the Mona Lisa
I'm a little good at SFX. I wanna pursue it as a career and i have a but of pictures of that. which I should​ post here
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