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Jimin POV
I shouldn’t have done that, ugh!!!?!!!?!?! Why did I talk to her? I could feel her staring at me as I walked away and I could see that guy from earlier staring at me too. Ugh!!! I don’t know why he pisses me off so much.
Just try to focus jimin-ah this is your work man what are you doing. I thought to myself as I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.
“Excuse me…”
My heart almost skipped a beat at the sound of her voice. I turned my head to see her staring at me with these big beautiful eyes. As soon as we made eye contact she dropped her hand off my shoulder and dropped her gaze.
“I’m sorry to bother you I just wanted to return this, your lighter…” she said to me in such a quiet voice while holding my lighter out to me. I reached out to grab it. My hand grazed her just slightly but I felt an electricity pass through me. I stood there not wanting to let go not wanting to create a distance between us.
I stared at him as he left the room and I couldn’t just let him leave.
Then I remembered the lighter in my pocket and I followed him out.
….. “I wanted to return this…..” oh my he was even more beautiful up close. I couldn’t believe that it really was him how was this possible. As he reached towards the lighter our hand touch and I felt a spark. I didn’t want to drop my hand. I stood there not being able to look him in the eyes my face was turning so red I just wanted to run away.
My head snapped up at the sound of my name and I dropped my hand as he grabbed onto the lighter.
“Oh yes mark oppa?” I could feel Jimin’s body tense up right next to me. “Sorry I just wanted to return the lighter to umm…” I looked up at him “to jimin-shi I just wanted to thank him.”
“Ok that’s cool and all but immo is looking for you I don’t think that you should be away from her at least not today she hasn’t seen you in so long. Ok?” mark looked over at jimin and bowed lightly to him. “Thank you very much for your help but we need to get back to her mother. Come on now V lets go.”
“Oh yes oppa,” I turned to face jimin I hadn’t realized how close we were to each other. I back up a little and bowed as I walked back towards mark. I turned back once more. “Thank you again jimin-shi for your help…”
Jimin’s POV
I walked downstairs and walked outside. I almost felt like I couldn’t breathe………my mind was racing with so many thoughts,
She was right there so close to me. I didn’t know what to do with what just happened. I had gotten so mad when I heard her call him oppa and she backed away from me. To go to him. But he called her mother immo does that mean that they are family, then that means I shouldn’t be mad at that right?!?!?!
But I was still annoyed that she walked away from me I got so tense when he showed up, not like we were doing anything bad right she just wanted to thank me for helping her out right.
“Jimin-shi…..” I could still hear her voice and picture her bright eyes as she said my name.
“YAY!!!!!! JIMIN-AH!!!!”
“Huh…” I was snapped out of my thoughts by my boss calling me. “Oh yes sir I’m coming.”
“come on boy we have a lot more food to bring up!!!!”
The night went on and I never left my mother’s side as they brought the food in I would look for jimin and every now and then I would see him bring food for someone or bringing drinks for people.
I would want to see him make eye contact with him and on occasion I did and he would smile at me and I would forget what was happening until someone would ask me a question and I would snap out of it or someone would ask jimin for something and he would get back to business and that’s how the rest of our night went stealing glances at each other. When my mother was finally ready to leave for the night some of the family stayed to drink more and catch up with each other, we headed down stairs and there he was saying goodnight with the rest of the employees.
As soon as I spotted him my eyes never left his. I started to feel myself blushing and that’s when I looked away. We thanked the owner and all the employees for their hard work. We walked outside and he was there opened the car doors for us and helped me in to the car he said goodnight once more and closed the door I could see him getting smaller in the side mirror I saw him kick a rock or something and I giggled, that’s when I thought to myself would I ever see him again?????
Goodnight miss…..
As the car drove away, I then realized I should have asked her for her number! Dammit!!!!!!
I thought to myself as I kick this random rock.

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So glad you updated this story.🤗 Can't wait to see how Ivy and Jimin connect again.
thanks for sticking around I've been getting alot of ideas for how it should happen