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They walked into work on the day their manager was to be back. The maknae was cursing under his breath as they went up to the meeting room. It'd been a few days since the incident and even though he was suppose to approach that girl, he still hadn't done it. Every time he seen her, he wanted to wring her neck.

The meeting went smoothly. Everyone that helped maintain their schedule in the manager's absence, was congratulated and rewarded. The maknae did nothing but sit with his eyes down and bite his tongue. When everyone started to file out of the room, his boss called for him to stay.

“Sit down. I need to speak with you.”

His hyungs looked back at him, he just nodded, and stayed behind. They waited for him outside.

“So your manager told me that you and one of the young female singers have started dating?” His boss said, smiling as if he thought it was funny and cute. “Are you planning to make it public?”

“What?! I'm not dating anyone!...” He stopped. He was going to use this opportunity somehow, “Boss, I swear, that's not it. I'm not interested in this girl. She's like an octopus. She's always touching me….”

His boss raised his hand to stop him, “Maybe you should give her a chance. You may like her once you get to know her. The only time it seems serious is when the managers come to me about it. I told the manager to allow it.”

His heart raced, he wished his noona was here, “I can't date her…. I'm, I'm…” it was harder than he thought, “I'm dddating someone” he stuttered, “Someone in the company.”

The boss gave him a hard look.

“Your manager said you would say something like that…”

“But It's The Truth!” His voice and tone raising a little, “I'm sorry. But I can't, I love this woman. I wanted to have her with me when I came to you about it but she had an accident over the weekend.”

“Then she'll have to leave the company. I don't want a scandal. Especially if she's just a common girl or even older than you. I already went through that b/s before. If she loves you, then she'll choose you, won't she?”

“I understand.” The maknae bowed and started to leave the room.

“And… if she chooses her job, then I am ordering you to start dating that sweet young thing. If it works out, then we'll go public in two months.”

He walked out into the hall. He couldn't believe that happen. He just put his noona’s job on the line.

OH SHIT!!!!! THE HELL?????
I KNOW!! TF?!?