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The rest of the evening is surreal. He goes back to finish dinner, but he wouldn’t allow you to help. You were to sit, watch, and be pampered. This is so strange.
Your mind keeps drifting back to his kisses. The taste of him is addicting. You’ve heard people comment on this before yet you’ve never experienced what they mean. Perhaps it has to do with the way he smells. Your mind kept switching back and forth, a smile on your lips as you finally decide that sense of smell and taste definitely go together when kissing.
As the memory continues, your fingers automatically reach up to touch your still tingling lips. You didn't realize you’d zoned out until you hear a chuckle in front of you. Refocusing, you zero in on JaeJoong waving a piece of shrimp with chopsticks in front of you.
“Oh, sorry,” you blush and open your mouth.
As he feeds you, his smile turns more intimate. “I hope you were just thinking of me. I’d hate that look in your eyes to be about someone else already.”
You look up in shock, “What?”
He goes back to stirring his pot, leaving you to wonder at his words. You clear your throat and sit up a little straighter.

“And just what look exactly, was I making?”
He looks up at the ceiling, “Oh, a dreamy, sort of starry eyed look when someone’s in love or just had great sex.”
You start to cough and he starts laughing. He puts the spoon down again and comes over to the counter. He lifts your chin and looks into your eyes.
“You were thinking about me weren’t you?” You look away and he nudges you, “If we’re going to be in a relationship, I’m not joking. I really hope you were thinking about me. You need to tell me if you weren’t.”
Relationship? Wait, what? An hour ago, you didn’t know if you’d ever speak to the man again and now he has not only kissed you silly but is talking about being in a relationship?
You swallow but can’t pull your eyes away from his beautiful brown ones. “Yes, okay? I was thinking about that kiss.”
“Kiss? I seem to remember more than one,” he smiles devilishly, gives your lips a peck and straightens up.

He goes back to stirring and begins to ponder out loud. “Let’s see, if a short make out session produces that look; hmm, can’t wait to see what look happens later.”
You just stare at him stunned. He is aware you can hear him right? It isn’t like you’re a prude or anything but really?
“What did you mean, when you ‘if we’re going to be in a relationship’?”
He turns the stove off and turns towards you. “I’m never going to finish this soup.”

He walks around the counter and turns you to face him. “I didn’t confess and kiss you just to apologize. I meant it, all of it. That means I would like to spend more time with you, as an us, not just as friends. I want time alone with you as us, not with other friends or having it filmed for my VAPP. I think that’s called dating?”
“So, you want to date me.”
He nods, “Yes.” Lookng deeper into your eyes he sighs, “I still don’t understand why you find that so hard to believe.”
You roll your eyes and smack him in the chest, “Because you’re JAEJOONG!”
He bows, a giant smirk on his face, “Yes, yes I am. That’s important to know if this is to go any further,” he finishes with a wink.
“Ugh…NO smarty pants! You’re like, the sexiest idol in all of Asia, voted so, not just my opinion. You’ve been an ambassador for things, you’re famous world wide! People are going to expect you to be with another idol, someone beautiful and well known. Not a nobody like me.”
His eyes flash, “I thought we discussed this already. I decide who I like and who I don’t, who I find attractive and who I don’t. I happen to like YOU and am attracted to YOU. Stop saying you’re a nobody because you are somebody to me.” He frowns and turns away, then quickly turns back.
“You really think I’m the sexiest idol in all of Asia?”
You pick up a wooden spoon and throw it at him. It missing when he ducks, but he has totally accepted your challenge. Looks like he’s right, the soup will never get done.
Its ok that the soup isnt getting finished. who could eat in this situation anyways?
Poor soup, but I know what is going to get done...😏😏😏😏😏😏
Oh, this sexy man! So very delicious and distracting!