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"So that makes sense. All those voices you were hearing and things you were seeing are gifts due to you being a from the royal pure blood line." Bre says

"I wouldn't say gifts. These are not from Santa." Jessamine laughed.

"With time and practice you would be able to master it babe. And along with that the sun is not your enemy. You passed that on to me when I stained you. But low key you can give that ability to anyone." Jimin said while snacking on some fries.

"Jessamine I don't mean to rush you with too much but you have a huge position to fill. You are the protector of our race. Legend says that after a great war broke out your real mom and dad, King Asim and Queen Aaleyah placed the heart of the vampires into you. Soon your family enemies will be on the hunt for you. You need to awaken your gifts and train. Jimin and I will defend you." Yoongi said.

"Wow this is too much! I just want to watch K Dramas and eat. I'm not ready for this. But where are my parents? I was adopted you know." Jessamine said while shutting her eyes.

"I know this is a lot but we are here for you. Your parents went into hiding only you can locate them. When you are fully awoken you can call out to them which is good cuz we will need their help." Jimin said.

"So what is my role in all this while Princess Jessamine has all the fun." Bre said.

"Well you have the gift of wisdom. It was your fate to be her bestie. Your gift will awaken soon." Jimin said.

"Have you ejaculated by any chance?" Bre said while smiling at Yoongi.

Yoongi blushed and turn his head. "That's my business Bre. I just go around telling people."

Jimin pays the check and then the group walk down the street. Jimin had his arms wrapped around Jessamine waist as they head down the street. Yoongi and Bre walk side by aide.

Yoongi's POV

Man.. what was Bre thinking when she asked me? Like I'm going to say yes. She doesn't need to know that she has awaken the beast inside me. I just want to tie her down right now and take her. I don't care who sees. But my will is stronger. I might even ask Jessamine if she is willing to give me that sun resistance gift. It's not fair Jimin gets to run around all day. Even his thirst for blood is non existence. That's another gift that Jessamine has and she unknowingly passed that to Jimin.

But damn Bre smells so good. I could barley concentrate when she was asking me those questions in the interview. I wanted to bite into those lips and lick that sweet red liquid away.

Shit...I just can't....


As we sit on this empty ass buss Yoongi eyes are flicking bad from blue to amber to red. I look away but I can feel him staring at me like a hawk. I can't see visions and aurora vibes like Jessamine but I can at least know when a guy is undressing me with his eyes.

Yoongi growls softly and cracks his neck. He then places his ear buds in his ear. I'm trying not to panic but I want him to look at me more. I know he can smell me.

Finally we are at the guy's apartment. Jimin and Jessamine are cute but annoying. Why does she get all the attention. They wonder off I'm here stuck with Yoongi. We watch some TV and have small talk about music on the couch. He loves music. I dropped something and lean over to get it. My shift reveals some of my cleavage. All I heard was "shit" and all hell breaks loose!

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AWWWWWWW SCHITT!! Bre is about to get the business!!! I hope...
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