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The eldest grabbed him. All three of them went down the hall and stopped at a door.

“She's in there.” They peeked in the window.

“I can't… the manager went to the boss and told him that me and her are dating but I told him that I AM dating someone but not her. Someone else.” The maknae says real fast before crouching on the floor. “What am I going to do?”

“Get up.” the eldest picked him up, “Listen, you have this situation. She's going to choose you, I know she will. So there's nothing to worry about. But this…” he looked into the little window, “That girl is going to keep coming at you if you don't do something about it and because of that, she's going to keep using the manager help her achieve her goal. Even if that means seeing noona killed to get her out of the way..” He turned the knob and pushed him.

The maknae stood at the door. Glaring at her back. She looked up and turned around when she seen his reflection in the mirror. He looked away.

She pulled her earplugs out, “Now, that's much better. That manager sure knows how to make things happen.” She smiled sweetly at him. She made her way across the dance floor, swaying her hips and pulling her hair to one side, still trying to entice him yet again.

“I didn't come here because of the manager.” He says. She got close, her small chest nearly pushing up against his. She reached up and pulled his face towards hers. He looked at her nose.

“Look at my eyes.” She commanded but he didn't, “If only you could see how much I really like you.”

“Really? Did you realize your feelings after my hyung turned you down and, stupid DRUNK me flirted with you.” He finally looked her in the eyes, “You must be rrreeally easy.” He sarcastically said.

She glared for a moment, then smiled, “That's an awful thing to say. You better treat me good or your “girlfriend” just might disappear again.”

He wanted to grab her by the throat but he reframed. “You shouldn't have done that. If you really want me, then don't do anything to hurt me. Not to her or to any of my brothers, got it?” He shoved her back.

“Give me what I want and nothing will happen to them.”

He sneered, “What do you want?”

She walked up to him and trapped him against the door inside her arms, “I think you know what I want.” She dove in for a kiss.

The maknae quickly turned his head away, her lips planted on his cheek. She tried again and kissed his other ear after he turned the other way. For a little thing, as hard as he tried to push her away, she stood still. Finally he grabbed her around the hips, picking her up off the ground and pushed her to the side. She quickly grabbed his hands trying to make him hold her. He struggled to keep her hands off him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, holding on tight, she shoved him against the door with all her weight. Grabbing a handful of his hair, she forcefully turned his head to her, he yelped. Her mouth covered his. Her tongue licked the outside of his tightly sealed lips. He could feel her tongue trying to slip through. Her hand moved down toward his crotch, he grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. Then her other hand went down, he wasn't fast enough, she squeezed his manhood. He grabbed her hand away and was holding her arms out away from him.

He was taught not to physically hurt a female but he wondered if his parents would forgive him just this once. Much to his relief, someone shoved on the door.

“What's going on in here?” His hyung asked. Noona's little dark god shoved the door hard, almost knocking them over. Once he was in, he stepped up to the girl, looking down at her like he was ready to blast her, “What are you doing to him? Why don't you go pick on someone more your type, you psycho!” He whipped around and grabbed his brother and left.

She wiped her fingers across her mouth. “Damn, he tastes good.”

Can I just kill her please? I promise not to get caught. It'll be real quick too. Anyone want to help with distracting other people? 😂
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I got a hammer in the trunk
That fucking succubus!!! I need her to come up missing!! But wait. I just had a thought: what does she have on the manager that would entice him so easily to commit murder for her?? hmmmmmmmm
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@FromBlue2U Rriigghhtt!!!!
Damn she crazy!!
This little heathenoid!!!!!