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So Otakon 2017 is heading swiftly towards us from over the horizon of last year. This'll be my third year going and after meeting some of my most closest otaku friends there last year I know I'm more than ready to have another brilliant time. I have decided to remake my unfinished project back from summer 2015 but before scraping the old I decided to give it one last huzzah! before putting it down.
This is an original design I've been working on since 2009 known as the Infinity Ranger. It's part of a series I created known as Power Rangers Sacred Night (can anyone guess what movie recently inspired me to do this lol).
I was able to create multiple early designs with 3d and CG in a game way back when but now I've moved it to sketches and cosplay ready to show the world one con at a time xD
Although I will be putting down the original design, it is far from over. What I've got in the works will be far superior and has got me both focused and excited. I look forward to posting it when done to see what you guys think.
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can't wait to see the finished product, keep it up man!
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thank you
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