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Its horrible how badly I want to tell her. I almost did last week but I changed my mind at the last minute. But I can't help thinking I'd be telling her for any reason other than to hurt her. Everytime I see her picture on fb all I can think about is how I could wipe that smile off her face real quick. I'm awful I know it's not her fault her husband is a cheater. That he pursued me like no one before. That he tells me if he'd met me before her we'd be married. That I'm a million times better in bed then her. In the end no matter whether I tell her or not it won't change anything they'll still be married they'll still be expecting a child and I'm still going to hell.
It's never just or entirely the other's( woman in the case) Fault. @VivianaMorales, It takes two to tango, two to decide that they're going to step over the lines of previously laid boundaries. But het weight lies upon het one who laid those boundaries. Man in question is the one who comes ready to ignore the terms of agreement he already signed over in the names of Trust, Faith, Fidelity, Respect and Honesty to his Wife By Legal Contract . Your guilt, envy, disappointment... your uncertainty and your happiness when the man in question is with you. Your feelings all and any are not all for naught, they're internal guidelines to help you decide what's next, what's best and how long you can keep playing​ game on the table. In short, I absolutely agree with @AnnaPerry.
Just as no one knows what is going on inside this Man, so As we do not judge her we can not judge him. There is no I'm more right or he's more wrong.. It's just wrong.... If everybody just would place themselves as the other person and try to remove yourself from the center, you tend to see things more clearly. I Always try to do this and most of the time it makes me do the best thing possible... I always day there are 4 choices, Bad, Good, Better, and Best... If we do the best all the time, true peace inside and out, total life... My motto Learn, Love, and Live... I want to be the best version of myself I can be or at least attain that level of living before I die..
I can relate to your feelings and wish you all the happiness you can get, You done nothing wrong and no one should judge you until their own hands are clean x
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Actually yes, they both did something wrong but your right, no one can judge her because we are all guilty of things.
When it comes down to it. If this woman who signed a contract to have this man's everything and vice verse thought she was getting his everything, it would be valiant to try to set the situation down with out rippling the Waters any further. That's their problem to work out in the future. You were/are just the legal witness to his inability to follow the rules of a mainly religious and governmental privilege, agreement. Just like a majority of people whether they admit it or not, those who shame you for this are blind or untrue to the potential positive and negative (I guess) in themselves likewise. So they can suck it.
Thank you for your perspective on things I appreciate thag. I poured my soul out on this and I few other post you can find on my collection and I expected there would be some people that judge and be unkind.... Its ok its their right to say whatever they want. No one's the whole story expect me and yes I am prepared to use it if he pushing me to that.
also, get out ahead if you get anything from this tangled relationship you're in. Get out feeling sexy, desired, with your dignity and with power aka blackmail that you're too Gracious and Conscious to actually use as a weapon unless some really crazy shit unfolds. Like an ace up your sleeve. And power like making the choice to cut him off from that fantastic temple when you think he's been two sided, greedy and double stomached enough lol
you should be ashamed..
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