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Woah, I hope you guys are ready because in about 4 months Jaden Smith will be releasing a new K-Pop Single!!

Yes, he's really going to be making a single ~~

so are you guys so YES !!

so NOPE!! ~~

or do you think this thing is just a HOAX!!

- Let me know what you guys think in comments -
This honesty makes me so mad look at how hard our idols have trained for they train like crazy in singing dancing being in variety shows and studying other languages and all that and then all of a sudden this guys pops up and decides he wants to release a Kpop song and all that just because his dad is successful he thinks he can do whatever he wants HA that's funny his dad earned his name by working hard for it I mean does Jaden even know Korean seriously does he???? I will 100% support any person regardless of race if they want to be a Kpop idol but you have to be passionate about it and really give it your all especially to try and understand the culture and language because if you don't have any of those things going for you then your going to fail big time
I don't see this doing very well...honestly I'm glad he is a fan...but it's the same as with the other don't just get to release a song in Korean and call it K-Pop
I'm kinda skeptical tbh ever since that group came out (the one who shall not be named) knowing that sure you came from a famous family but you haven't been trained in singing, dancing, or learning Korean for not that long. I know I'm doing like a Debbie Downer but I'm just giving facts
I'm honestly kind of excited and curious. I'm not sure what it's going to be like( I sure hope it doesn't turn out like that other band that came out a few days ago for an experiment that also made me cringe) but I'm eager to see what he'll do.
honestly they can do what makes them happy, good luck my friends