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Hello lovelies it's you Shinhwa MOD Stef here. Sorry for the super late intro card for my oppa Junjin. (work been busy) here we go


Park Choong jae, known as Jun Jin, is a South Korean singer, actor and entertainer.
He is one of the members of popular K-pop boy band Shinhwa, which is debut in 1998 total 6 members under SM Entertainment.

He is responsible for rapping and dancing.

In 2002, he started singing a few small parts in each of Shinhwa’s songs.
Jun Jin came from a broken family, but his father, Charlie Park, is a well-known entertainer in Korea.

In 2006, he made his solo debut and he released his first single in November.
Jun Jin was always known as a rapper and a dancer, and the listeners came to a shock when they found out that his album’s theme was a ballad.

During that time, Koreans weren’t into ballad so his album did not really hit the charts.
He started guesting in TV shows instead and he did his military service.

Jun Jin is still an active member of Shinhwa.


Real Name: Park Choong Jae
Chinese Name:朴忠裁
Birthday: August 19, 1980
Sun sign: Leo
Status: single
Specialties: Dancing
Additional trivia: His nickname is Mandoo
Occupation: singer, actor, producer
Active Years: 1998-present
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Blood B
Label:SM Entertainment(1998–2003)
Good Entertainment(2004–2007)
Open World Entertainment(2007–2012)
Day Dream Entertainment Entertainment (solo activity)(2015–present)
Shinhwa Company(2011–present)
Hobby: Listening to music
Attraction: Eyes

Birth Place

He was born in South Korea and South Korean by birth.


He graduated Kyonggi University.


His father, mother and younger sister are in his family.

His father was a singer;Charlie Park, also known as Park Young Chul who debuted with a solo album Casanova Sarang in 2004.

His father and mother was divorced and he grew up in the hands of his grandmother.

Quick Facts

1. Jun Jin’s zodiac sign is Leo
2. His Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey
3. To be an entertainer was his childhood dream
4. His religion is Christian
5. His father, Charlie Park, is a famous actor and singer
6. He has one younger sister
7. He is from Gyeonggi University
8. Jun JIn likes to dance to jazz and electronic music
9. He likes a girl who understands him
10. His favorite food is mandoo


Yoon Jin-hee and Park Si Hyun(SPICA) were his ex-girlfriend.

Favorite Things

Hobby:Music, Billiards, Driving, Jazz dance
Music:R&B, Hip-Hop, Funky
Food:Miso jjigae

Fun facts

Kanta was a senior of him in high school.
He knows a large number of people.
Though he has worked as a model, he is said that he is “fashion terrorist”.
He is the best drinker in the group.
He wants to marry the third among Shinhwa members.
He ever dating with a girl who is working as a entertainer.
He said he is in the 4th place of handsome among Shinhwa members
I Haven't made the MOD banner yet so look forward to that.

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