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“I'm here to deliver a message. ‘'Stay the fuck out of my way or else I will make sure you are permanently!” And with that, he swung. THUD!

I could myself lying against the cold wood floor. The heat still emanating from my check where he punched me at. I couldn’t taste blood yet so that was a good sign. I slowly got up from the floor as I heard footsteps approaching me from behind. I needed help but I don’t know how I was going to get it. He was much taller than me but his build was that of a boxer or professional fighter. I was just going to have to take this fucker on myself.

I looked up from my position and saw what I needed, but it was too far away. His steps were coming closer and closer. Raising up on my hands, I looked back to see where this asshole was at and he was within a reach of me. With all my strength I get up to make a run for the table where the lamp was. I was almost there until I feel him grab me by my waist and throw me to the wall. I hit it all hard, that I slid down. Fuck it! I'll just have to do it his way.

Fists raised and ready to go. He looks at me and laugh.

“Really? You think you get it in with me?”
“It’s not that I think, it’s that I know fucker. You don't know me that well and neither does your bitch hoe of a boss either.”
“What the fuck did you just say?”
“Well I surely didn't stutter. You must be just as fucking stupid as she is.”

His face got puffier and his face got redder as I insulted his intelligence. He lunged forward and before he could land another punch, I quickly moved to the side and kicked him right in his stomach. He doubled forward from the impact and I locked my hands together and with all my might I struck him down hard on his back. I did it one more time and he went a little lower. I turned to grab the closest thing to me, until I felt his arms behind me and he picked me up and body slammed me to the ground. I didn’t stay down for long. I couldn’t let him have no control over what was going to happen to me and I was not done with what I needed to accomplish. I can’t die here. I turned over and kicked him right in his balls, causing him to bend forward and grabbing them with both hands. I kicked him again but this time in his face.

I got up as he fell to the ground and did a spin kick aiming again for his head but this time he caught on and caught my leg in mid-air, yanking me forward. I grabbed the table which had the lamp on it and tossed it down so I could grab the lamp. I caught it and smashed it over his head. All I could see was blood gushing from the top of his head. He had cuts and bruises all over his face. He sat there dazed as I heard my cell phone ringing. I ran to it while I had time to see who it was.


I picked up the phone out of breath and with a shaky voice
“MJ… Look I…”
“Simon!! Help me! I’m in trouble…. Someone….”

And then a voice came from right behind me.
“You fucking bitch, you die. Fuck that bringing you back alive.”
“Why, won’t you fucking stay down?!”
“Simon!! Hurry up…. I’m at my place.. I NEED YOU…”

Before I could hang up his hands were around my throat for a second time and I dropped the phone with Simon yelling through the phone. I know that if anything he will be on his way, but will it be too late. With both hands around my neck, he squeezed tighter and tighter. This pain, it was so unbearable. My breath slowly dying out and I’m beginning to fade out of reality and into a subconscious that I haven’t felt in a long time.
“MJ, wake up. WAKE UP!!”
“Yea… You have to get up… You have to wake up. We’re not done yet! We need to finish what we started. Let me out!! Let the monster come out of the darkness and into the light to wreck havoc!”
“”Rae, no you can’t”
“He is killing you and you’re too weak to handle it. LET ME OUT!!”

And then I remember peering from the inside out at what happens next. She awakes, and the only thing more terrifying than someone trying to kill me is when she awakens, needing and wanting to be let out. She was more dangerous than I and there was no telling what would happen when she gets what she wants. She woke up still feeling his hands around her neck. She placed her hands on his and tried to pry them apart.

“Just fucking die already!”
“I’m… sorry… handsome… but… I.. won’t… die.. That… easily..”

Rae, raised our hands and put pressure on his eyeballs, pushing them so far back that blood started to gush from them. He released our neck to grab his eyes. She grabbed her own throat, so she can regain breathing regularly. As she stood there finally getting our breathing regulated. He still wasn’t giving up, even though he couldn’t see he swung forward and hit her cheek without causing much damage. She gave him a one, two and then upper cut him. Without any hesitation she reached behind the headboard and pulled out a gun. I don’t know how, I forgot that Simon placed guns all over the house. She cocked the gun and raised it to his head.

“Any last words before you die?” she asked menacingly.
“Go fuck yourself, bitch. You’re going to live to regret this. You won’t get away with it.”
“Oh yea?! And why is that? Because that bitch is supposed to be able to take me down?”
“Oh don’t worry about that… You will reap what you sow!”
“Oh, I’m not worried at all. I know what’s gonna happen and you just won’t be here to see it!”

With that she squeezed the trigger and a loud BANG filled the room. And then another and another. I know she shot twice but where did the last shot come from. We look up towards the door to see Simon standing in the doorway with his gun and smoke emitting from the end of it. I don’t even know when he got there. But he stood there with this look of furor in his eyes and anger. She hesitated for a moment, contemplating whether or not to just shoot him dead on the spot. Instead she dropped the gun and ran to him, squeezing him tight imitating as if she were me.

“Are you okay? What the fuck happened? I had been calling you for almost 20 minutes before you picked up?”
“I came home and he was waiting for me. He did a blitz attack from behind the door.”
“Who in the fuck would do some bullshit?”
“I’ll give you one guess?”
“No…. There’s no way. She is vindictive but she ain’t fucking stupid.”
“Yea well, that’s what I had thought too until he confessed to me that that’s who it was.”
“She is fucking dead!!”
“Simon, wait.. No let’s not do anything yet.”
“She almost killed you and I’ll be damned if I allow someone to take away someone that I love.”

Love? Did he really just say that word? Never has he ever said that word to me or about me in any respect. I need to come back out. I scream as loud as I can, making it ring our head that she needs to let me out before she does anything stupid. I know that her spirit is stronger than mine. I bang and bang on the walls screaming as loud as I can. She brings her hands to her ears, as he looks at her calling her my name.

“MJ? What’s wrong? Tell me? Look at me?”
“I… The ringing…”
“I’m taking you to the hospital.”
“NO!!... No hospital.”

He walks us to the couch and then finally she succumbs to my wishes and faints in his arms so that I can come out while she goes back in. Slowly, waking back up i find myself still in his arms. It took a minute for me to adjust being back in control and then I looked around the apartment and saw the mess and it all came flooding back.

“Baby are you okay?” He said with concern in his eyes as he rubbed my cheek where a bruise was beginning to form.
“Yea, I think it was all the adrenaline. I’m fine now.”
“I’m having my guys come over to take care of this, but in the meantime you’re staying at my place.”
“Simon.. You don’t need..”
“I mean what I said… I’m not going to let anyone that I love get harmed. No matter who the fuck it is that’s trying to harm you.”
“Simon.. I…”
“You don’t need to say anything. I’ve always got your back baby girl.”

His crew came and he gave them strict instructions to dump the body and put it somewhere where he can’t be found. To clean the place up and make it look as though nothing happened. He packed a bag for me and we walked out the door heading towards his place. I felt relieved in a way, that I was going to be with him knowing that I would be protected. I was starting to fall back in love with him. I could feel the butterflies entering my stomach.

“Don’t you fucking do it MJ. Don’t you ruin this for me!”
“Shut up Rae… It’s my body. I’ll do whatever the hell I want.”
“No, its our body. And don’t forget it, you little shit. I knew you wouldn’t last long. How the fuck did you end up taking over. You never used to be this soft. I was always the one with the soft heart. But you… you were my monster.. You protected me at every turn. You wanted this revenge more than I did. I just wanted to get better a move on, but because I was so broken by what he did you came about. And now look at you, you little bitch. I’m more vengeful than you could ever be.”

“Don’t fuck with me Rae. You know what happened the last time you did. I have two sides just like everyone else… I know how to deal with mines.”
“Fuck you bitch. You can’t lock me up in there anymore. I always find a way out!”
“Yea, well right now, you’re in there and I’m out here.”
“Yea and we will see how long that lasts for!”

We arrived at Simon’s house and it just felt so right. He helped me get into the house and walk up the stairs to his room. I took a hot shower to get all of the grime off of me. Wiping the fog on the mirror I looked at myself and could see all the bruises. That asshole’s fingerprints still on my neck. My eye turning black and blue. I looked horrible. Walking into his bedroom, he had the first aid kit ready on the bed and he patted the spot next to him.

“Come here.”

I sat next to him as he opened the kit and began dressing my wounds. Those beautiful brown eyes, those perfect lips. His hands were so soft that anyone would melt into them. He rubbed his thumb gently below my eye and kissed it. Then he kissed my cheek where the bruise was left. And then my neck. All around my neck, helping the pain to go away. His gentle touch was what I wanted at the moment and what I needed. He pulled away from my neck and looked at me then kissed me on the lips and whispered ‘I Love You’. I snuggled up close to him and let his chin rest on my head as he held me tight and I drifted off into wonderland.


Jay’s Perpsective

Detective Kwon and I had finished setting up the rest of the cameras and mics in the other locations as specified by MJ. It had been a long day and we were tired. We had finished everything on our end until we got a call from MJ letting us know that Alexis had almost caught her putting the camera’s in Simon’s office and that it led to a huge fight. I swear she can’t fucking do anything without getting her ass into some sort of trouble.

“Detective, are you still sure it was a good idea to involve her? I’m really starting to get a bad feeling about this, as if somehow we are getting played.”
“I think you may be right.. But all we can do right now is wait and see what she does. Like I said, I added a small clause into our agreement so if anything was to go wrong she won’t be getting away with anything.”
“There’s something else.. That night that you came over and met her for the first time, something happened before you got there.”
“What’s that?”
“I overheard her talking to herself and she happened to mention the name of someone that I knew long ago who was involved with Simon when we all first started out together.”
“Okay but who?”
“His first love, Rae. She literally said ‘That’s right Rae, you’re back and no one’s gonna see this coming. It’s why I have been so hesitant about her doing this.”
“Wait… so you’re telling me that the girl Simon killed all that time ago.. Is HER??”
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
“To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if what I heard was true and the thing about Simon is that he never left anyone alive that he wanted dead. But then I started thinking more about it and why she would actually want to help us go after Simon. It started clicking. Even tonight, when she called about Alexis and the fight she got into. It was because of Alexis that he “killed” her anyways.”

“Fuck me! How much worse could this shit possibly get.?”
“Honestly, I don’t fucking know. But we made a deal with the damn devil and this is just the calm before the fucking storm. From the looks of things, this is not about to be your typical fucking storm either.”

Going with our gut instinct, before she could get home we went to her place and placed mics and cameras on the inside. In places that she would never think to look. It was pretty early and we could still hear her talking to Simon before she left and then Alexis and Simon got into it. We hurried up and got out of there. We waited across the street in the van. 30 minutes before MJ came, we saw a man dressed in all black walk up to her building and then entered. Next thing we know, the lights came on in her place which was suspicious oddly enough. He was looking around and seeing how he was dressed, he seemed like he was part of Simon’s crew. So why go in when it wasn’t needed.

Moments later MJ came and all the chaos ensued. We could hear the banging and the loud thud. They were arguing and fighting. The detective wanted to go in so many times, but my point was then she would have known that we bugged her place or have been watching her to make sure she does what she says she will. Yea I know, I’m an asshole but this bitch I don’t trust her and I wanted to see how far she would go. And sure enough, we could hear her talking to Simon on the phone and then more noise until all went silent.

“Shit! We need to get in there now before he fucking kills her Jay. Look you had your fun and I don’t think she is playing right now.”
“Fuck! Fine let’s go.”

We grabbed our things, and as we headed out of the car we could hear a whisper that sounded like her and then a man yelling out in pain. What the fuck just happened? How is she not out yet?

“Detective wait… Something isn’t right.”

We listen even more to the recordings as we listen we can hear the shift and change in her voice as if she wasn’t the same person. The malice and the salacious threats, it didn’t sound like MJ, but as if it were a different part of her. A different person altogether. Which didn’t make sense at all. I have been with MJ and never has she ever shown such hatred and anger. Nor has the tone in her voice change or give off an eerie feeling. Nothing seemed right anymore. Listening we see Simon appear with his crew. He walks up to where her place was and then.


Three gunshots rang out and everything went dead silent. What the fuck just happened? The detective and I looked at each other as we realized that, they both must have shot the suspect. But someone sent an extra bullet his way as their final say. Everything else was inaudible. The place was obviously trashed and we see Simon walking out with MJ. She looked pretty damn. That asshold did number on her. But there was something that I noticed about her.

She looked as though she was having a conversation with someone who wasn’t there. Simon wasn’t speaking so who in the hell was she talking to or am I just imagining things. But there it was again. That smirk which turned into a malevolent grin as though she had some shit up her sleeve. The glint in her eye. It had my heart racing and she was sending chills up my spine. I was more afraid of her than I was Simon at this point. I only had one thought.

She was either going to bring us all down to our knees or we were all going to have to work together to fight against our biggest enemy. And she is not big by any means necessary but provoking this seemingly innocent bitch, is like digging an early grave. The damage has already been done.

Let the war begin!

Well my lovelies I hope you all have been enjoying this crazy ride and I really hope you enjoy this chapter just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Look forward to a whole new chapter and some craziness before the ending. Thanks again for the support. Much love.

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