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Q&A: North Korea and Koreaboos

Someone asked me about whether or not I am/was a koreaboo and I decided to talk it out rather than try to write it.

I also got a few questions about traveling, my thoughts on the North Korea issue, and more!

My question to you is, do you agree that social media can encourage koreaboo tendencies?

I think that it goes both ways - certain parts of the online fandom can encourage over sexualization and fetishization of Korea/Koreans, but I also think it can help educate us and stop those thoughts/actions from happening. What do you think?!
I think social media is what encourages koreaboos. Koreaboos find other people like them over social media and they just find it normal to be like that.
I don't think you are a koreaboo owo I have known a few but you seem pretty nice and cool
Okay what is koreaboo?🤔 exactly? 😅
We are so alike! This isnt the only thing, but, I found Kpop through jpop (my find was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu).
I think koreaboo-ness comes from not educating yourself past the surface level stuff. Once you learn more about a culture, you tend to come down to earth. Oh and age!
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