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Someone asked me about whether or not I am/was a koreaboo and I decided to talk it out rather than try to write it.

I also got a few questions about traveling, my thoughts on the North Korea issue, and more!

My question to you is, do you agree that social media can encourage koreaboo tendencies?

I think that it goes both ways - certain parts of the online fandom can encourage over sexualization and fetishization of Korea/Koreans, but I also think it can help educate us and stop those thoughts/actions from happening. What do you think?!
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I think koreaboo-ness comes from not educating yourself past the surface level stuff. Once you learn more about a culture, you tend to come down to earth. Oh and age!
We are so alike! This isnt the only thing, but, I found Kpop through jpop (my find was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu).
Okay what is koreaboo?πŸ€” exactly? πŸ˜…
not sure what "koreaboo" is exactly. other than a site that reports gossip/news and has good clothing at ridiculous prices... with that said... I have been in love with Korean culture since I was a little girl... I'm obviously "not" a little girl anymore. but I can say I am a "cougar" and the only music I listen to is everything KPOP. not because I don't respect or like any other genre... it's just that the music sounds easy to me... unlike western music. where it just sounds foreign. o even my native "Tejano" <-- Texan roots. I just wish I would have been in a later year. but there is just something about the culture that grabs at your soul and the only only way to bring sanity to your heart is by immersing yourself into the culture and hope it loves you as much as You love it.... does that make sense. or maybe I'm just nuts...