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Yoongi pounced one me like a monster. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. He ripped my shirt and began sucking on my cleavage. I moaned as I felt a sharp slight pain.

Did this dude just bite me?

"Ah these been teasing me since day one." Yoongi moaned in a raspy tone.

"Yoongi what is..."

"Bre you are mine." He grunted while slipping his finges passed my panties.

Yoongi began stroking my bud and sucking my neck. This threw me off the edge. I began moaning and with each stroke I got louder. He moved to my lips as I heard his pants unzip. Then with swift like movement I felt him enter me and break right through me.

I grabbed his hair and moaned so loudly as I gasped for air. He licked my wound then he moved his hips slowly.

"Mine." He moaned before biting my neck and drinking me.

Was this real? I was fussing at Jessamine and now look at me. Spread wide as the China wall and loving it.

Yoongi began moaning my name as he picked up speed and I felt my vision getting blurry. I squeezed his buttocks as I began to come. Yoongi gaaped as he pulled out and ejaculated on the surface of my womanhood.

"You ejaculated Yoongi! We are one!" I said.

"Indeed baby." He gasped before he pulled me closer to kiss.

Jimin's room is not what I expected for a vampire. It was very normal. I'm still getting use to the whole vampire idea. I guess besides their diet they are normal people.

"Why blue and water theme Jimin?" I asked

"It reminds of home amd it calms me." Jimin said while stroking my hair.

"Where is that?" I said while looking up at him from his lap.

"You can read minds baby." He laughed. "I'm just kidding...Busan in South Korea."

"Ah I see. Yes I read minds but I don't just have that one now all the time. I'm controlling it a bit. Besides, I want to learn more about my mate." I smirk as I sit up. "Is that too much to ask." I say in a husky tone.

Jimin leaned in. "Let's learn together." He softly kissed my lips.

Jimin ran his hands through my hair as he explored my mouth. He managed to unbutton my bra. He moved down and began sucking on my right nipple through my sweater dress. I moaned aa I watched ans heard the sucking noises.

The red fabric getting wet drom his mouth. Je pulled it up over me. As soon as I felt the air on my exposed flesh I covered myself.

"Baby don't do that. I want to see..."

"Jimin let's turn the lights off."

"For what?" He brushed his lips against my neck. "You are beautiful. I would to see my mate."

He softly pushed me on my back and began kissing my chubby belly and spreading my legs. He ran his noise across my womanhood and sniffed. His eyes changed color and he moaned.

"Shit you smell so fucking good." He pulled off my panties.

He began kissing my folds and he then used his hand to spread me. I moaned as the blood rushed down below.

"Ah here is my pearl." Jimin said before sucking in my nub.

He began softly sucking while running his fingers inside me. As I played with his hair he moaned and began sucking harder allowling his fingers to poke at my g spot.

I was about to explode on his face but he pulled away. He stood up and looked over me. His eyes like a wolf. He began taking off hia belt. I stopped him.

"Let me do this part." I said.

I pulled off his belt and began kissing on his perfect stomach. He pulled off his shirt as I went to his nipples and licked them while rubbing his hard on through his boxers.

"Ride me." He gasped.

"What Jimin I'm too...."

"You are to what? I want you to ride me." Jimin said while getting in the bed.

Is he serious? I'm gonna break him. Big girls ride guys? Well what the hell. It's not like he can unmate me.

I climb on top of Jin as he eased himself into me. I moaned as I feel him stretch me. I began slowly moving. Jimin groaned and slapped my butt. I moved faster as I leaned on the head board.

"Yass baby just like that." He moaned

It felt so good better than Christmas morning. I leaned back and rode him with more confidence. He placed on hamd on my breast and began spanking my nub. The sensations felt so awesome.

"Ah you so hot baby. Come on me." Jimin moaned into my neck.

"I bit down on my lip as I moved my hips faster causing the ned to squeak. Jimim began moving his hips too. Suddenly he pressed his thumb on my nub. I seen streaks of light as I squirted all over him. This excited him causing him to come inside me.


"Can vampires get people pregnant?" Bte asked while throwing some candy bars in the cart.

"Um idk I never asked but the guys do make sperm, so....Hey isn't your gift wisdom?" Jessamine laughed.

"Shut up girl." Bre said while laughing.

It has been 2 days and Bre was late. She was super worried since her and Yoongi have been screwing almost everyday. Jimin, Yoongi, Jessamine, and Bre both just got night jobs as bartenders at this hot bar.

"Well we want know until we test you." Jessamine said while throwing pregnancy test in the cart.

"Um you might else well join the test taking club." Bre said while adding another to the cart

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😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 y'all fresh!
first off the bitch you might pregnancy test had me dying. Second, Woooooo Yoongi a fucking beast. Third when Jess said he can't unmate her I just imagined an argument with Jess and jimin and Jess goes "Go ahead and be fucking mad Jimin it's not like you can unmate." and Jimin in the distance just goes "God dammit!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@FromBlue2U @BabydollBre yall got me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
oh Mai lawwwwwwwd baaaaabiiiiieessss!!!!!!!
OK. I. am stunned! at the natural ability of writing here I almost lost it at "bitch you might be" and then I recalled each time I got "+" PG test. but wow! vampires! and yes! they can make babies!!!
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