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It's unfortunate the prices went up this year and since the KCON LA concerts are rumored to cover three days this year instead of two, you can bet the prices will go up for LA even more. However, having been to KCON, I can tell you folks that it's still a lot of fun and there are tons of things to do, even if you don't get P2 seating or better for the concerts.
I was in great debate last night after seeing this. I was trying to go 2 KConLA, more than likely the price will be the same or greater. the package i would want are $$$ and you get like *shows a void of space* if you purchase p2 or less. so the money i was saving for that trip, because it was not only tix, it was plane, hotel, merch, food, & miscellaneous(aka $$$$ already) will be either used the go to the Starship concert that follows KCon or just finally going to Korea. The Debate is over I wont be a noob KConer this year.
Prices went up quite a bit. it's not worth us going.
it would be a wonder if I go