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Morning Fam^^

So the next chapter is here and we have an exciting new cast to add to the current one!!

I hope you like the new members ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu covered~
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Day 16 | Act Natural

"GOD THIS SUCKS." One of the girls yelled, falling on her behind as she pulled out a carrot. She then threw it into the basket next to her pouting. 

"Ah come on, it's not so bad," One of the guys said. 

"Are you sure? Because I would much rather be fighting zombies then being a farmer AND GETTING A TAN." She screamed, lathering sunscreen on her arms once more. The other four rolled their eyes. They were used to her tantrums by now but they still couldn't get over her princess phase.

"Come on Lisa, let's just work hard okay? They are nice enough to let us stay here so it is the least we can do,"He said, pulling up carrots beside her. She sighed.

"Fine, fine. You are right. But if I get an uneven tan line because of you Kim Namjoon I am gonna shave you bald in your sleep!!" She said, making Namjoon freeze. The other three burst out laughing at her comment and how Namjoon reacted. 

"Ah, those two can never stop going at it," The other girl said, actually enjoying the farm work.

"You said it. I am afraid she is going rip his head off one of these days," Another one of the guys whispered back to her.

"Seriously! They should either just get together or kill each other already," She said, working on the strawberry bushes.

"I know. Just like we should just get together already," He said, moving his eyebrows in an unnatural way. She scoffed and threw some of the dirt at him.

"YAH! Stop being a perv!" She yelled, making him laugh.

"What, I can't help ittttt," He whined, brushing it off of him. "Especially when you are so fine," He said again, make her freeze once more. 

"Oh my god, I am going to-"

"Okay, you two lovebirds, calm down," The last guy said, interjecting the conversation.

"Lovebirds yeah right! More like girl and stalker," She teased, sticking her tongue out.

"What?! Irene!! I am soo hurtttt~" The guys said, hitting her shoulder.

"I swear Jae, I am gonna hurt you for her," The last guy said, going to sit by Irene to help with the strawberries.

"Oh shut it Hyuk, I now you have a crush on her too. At least I am man enough to act on mine," Jae said, making Hyuk turn a small shade of red.

"I-I do not!" His voice squeaked, making him even more embarrassed and the other two started laughing at him. 

"Hey guys!" Namjoon suddenly yelled, getting all of their attention. "Did you see the new car outside this morning?!" He pointed in the direction, making the others curious.

"Do you think it is new people or something?" Lisa asked, wondering as well.

"I don't know, hopefully! I would leave to meet some new people," Hyuk piped.

"Hopefully it is some hot chicks. I need some more eye candy around here~," Jae sang, making the others roll their eyes.

"Maybe they are relatives of the Kims? What do you think Namjoon? You are their cousin after all," Irene asked, making everyone turn towards Namjoon.

"Hmm, no clue. I haven't seen that car before but maybe. I just hope they are nice and trustworthy. The last thing we need is some creeps hanging around the farm. One is enough already," Namjoon said, making Jae scoff.

"I am not a creep!" He yelled in self-defense making the others laugh once more. 

"Wait, they are coming!" Lisa said, pointing in the direction of the farm house. They could see two little kids emerge with Yijong heading towards the barn.

"Woah kids? They look so young," Irene said, her heart breaking at the sight. Just then Avri and Krystal emerged from the house as well following Taehyung towards them.

"DAMMNNNN," Jae said, satisfied with their looks.

"Wait, are they on the way over here?" Hyuk asked, noticing the hats on their heads and the gloves on their hands.

"Okay everyone," Namjoon said, right before they reached them.

"Act natural."

Jae being a perv makes my life LOLOL

Look forward to the next chapter ;)
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I like the new cast already!!!
Yay! Happy to hear that 😄😘
I love them all!!!! You picked amazing people!!!!!!!! And Hyuk definitely needs some love~ My baby!! Cx And yuuuussss Jae!!!! He is my spirit animal!! That's exactly how I would act, but about hot boys!! 😂😂
OH MY GOD YAAAASSS QUEEN!!! I AM LIVING FOR THIS NEW CAST!! Jae and Lisa and Namjoon bless you! Oh I hope they get to fight along side the others that would be an amazing chapter!