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HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR LCFHC ACCOUNT? Hello everyone! Now the system is back, but please remember, upgrading is an ongoing process until its full scale for all of us! Your counter showing your number of direct downlines will only increase, when your direct downlines finish their account activations, which can be easily made just by one click action of the red button shown below, then 100 points would be deducted, which is the only evidence of the successful account activation! Then you need to immediately tell them to log into vip.lcfhc.com: 1. their new username starting with A12~ and their initial log in password 123456, 2. to change thier 1st level of password to protect their accounts 3. the security password you can change later, the initial current preset is 123456 as well. 4. to stay and read all the posts, if possible, in this facebook group and daily updates in our telegram super group chat room, if you really want them to grow as prominant leaders in your group! telegram.me/lcfcoin https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEE9l-1xUEk-TVpwOg And if you still have any problem in log in, please report using this form already posted here for me to deliver it to the headoffice: https://goo.gl/9ufFc4 Very nice spring day here! Have an awesome day! Warm regards, Sandy https://goo.gl/tGZBQ4
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