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Whenever you leave I say a prayer so that you will make it home. I'm not religious, but I'm hopeful, and that's all religion really is. I say this prayer as I watch you go, that you will always be content with how you lived your life. I don't pray for your safe passage, strong immune system, or that you will go to heaven if you die. Because even though it's nice to think that my prayers will protect you, and Stave off evil, I would be devastated if they didn't. So my prayer is that if you find yourself bleeding in an alley, or a gutter, or a ditch. That moment you will decide if what you did was good enough. If it was then you should go and be where you will, and I wish you would wait for me to meet you. But if you didn't split life in half and suck the marrow out of its bones, then you get your limp good for nothing body and you shuffle board across the concrete and make something of yourself. Because I will crawl down to the bowels of hell, and rip you out myself before I let someone as remarkable as you fade from anyones memory. I will fist fight Alzheimers until I have nothing left but the memory of you. That's the prayer that I say everytime you leave. I also pray that I can never stop saying that prayer but if I have to it's okay.