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It feels like just the other day Jimin was constantly chasing after Kookie... xD


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well Kookie didn't act quick enough. 😂😂😂 poor kookie.
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You got that right 🐸☕ 😂
9 months ago
oh I think the green Monster is back. Baby bunny you need to act quicker if you want your man. *😲 I can't believe I just said that lol😂😂*
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9 months ago
damn kookie. but as the saying goes: YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.
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My JKook feels are all over the place now. MC- clean up in aisle BTS. AGAIN Me- My feels aren't done yet MC- Hurry ppl it's an OVERDOSE 😂😂😂😂😂
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sorry kookie someone stole your man lol
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