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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
Length: 1873 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me?

Part 5

Y/N’s Pov:

 The date was over you had gotten home and felt so exhausted on what was supposed a nice dinner date turned into something way more different.

Date Night

 Chanyeol had picked you up in his car. He had a black tux on with a navy blue tie. He had gotten you a bouquet of red roses. You had taken them inside and he followed.

“The reservation isn’t till 8 so we can hang out and do something if you want.” You nodded while placing the flowers in a vase. No one had ever gotten you flowers before. I mean sure when you graduated but that was it. You and Chanyeol had decided to go for a drive. He had picked you in his Lamborghini, it was so much fun seeing how fast his Lamborghini could go. Things only started to get creepy when he noticed a car behind him.

“Hey y/n?” He asked look in the rearview mirror.

“Haha yeah Yeol?” You had started calling him that. He smiled for a second then that was immediately ripped off.

“Y/n put your seatbelt back on, and hold on.” He said serious. You had followed through seeing as it was important. “Hold on.”he had said and started speeding.

 The car behind you was trying to keep up, a head was a lot of traffic and Chanyeol was able to lose them.

“That was so cool!” You said as he started driving to the restaurant.

“Haha I'm glad you had fun, so you hungry?” He smiled at you.

“Starving, all I had today was coffee.” You whined a little. You had spent the whole day with Chen and Ken.

“Haha good, I am too.”

 Once at the restaurant there was no line, but the place was gorgeous. You had always wanted to eat here but it was to expensive for you. They seated you and you two talked and laughed. He made you feel comfortable. He kind of reminded you of Leo.

 His eyes didn't, neither did his attitude. Just how easy he was to talk. Hhmmm.

“So you were bullied by them for HOW many years?” He said after taking a drink of his water.

“Haha, well Ken was only till I was like 5 and Chen well it wasn't until high school till he decided I wasn't THAT bad.” You said starting to eat.

“Oh my god! Haha Chen's an asshole.” He said almost choking on his meal.

“Yeah, but now him, Ken and I are amazing friends. Ken even calls me his little sister.” You felt like you could tell Chanyeol anything.

“Does Chen think of you as his little sister too, or it that only a you and Ken thing?” He asked.

“No Chen and I are close but he doesn't think of me as his sister. This one time he had me pretend to be his “date” to a family gathering tho.” You said chuckling at the last part.

“Wow, he really is that lonely. I think the last time he was on a date was, what a year after our debut.” He added.

“Yeah, he's not really into, idk how to put it the dating life I guess.” You said finishing up your meal.

“Are you into the dating life?” He asked making you laugh a little.

“Haha I've never been on a date like this before, I mean I barely had my first kiss yesterday.”

“Well I'm glad I'm able to start talking to you again...I'm glad we’re on a date” he said reaching over the table to hold your hand.

 You were happy, you and him were starting to stand up. This time you were ready to kiss him, and enjoy it, but before you could, one of the lady's that works there had tripped with a pitcher of water in her hands. It had spilled all over you, and it was out of nowhere making you scream.

“Hey! What the heck?!” Chanyeol had stood up with you giving you his coat.

“I am so sorry miss.” She said. Giving you the towel on her shoulder.

“What in the world is going on here?” A man had ran out from the back room.

“Your waitress just spilled water on my girlfriend!” You had looked up at him at the word ‘girlfriend’, you were in shock.

“Well um Sir and um Miss I am very sorry for the inconvenience, due to the fact you are already done eating, yes?” Chanyeol and you nodded as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “Well we will cover the bill for if that helps with anything.”

“It does, you ready to go?” You nodded, grabbed your things and left. “I'm so sorry that happened to you.”

“It's fine Chanyeol, really, it's only water I'll dry.”you said to reassure him.

“I know but, I really like you y/n and I wanted tonight to be perfect for you.” You smiled and put an arm on his shoulder. He bent down to match your height as you kissed him. When you pulled away he smiled at you like there was no tomorrow. “Will you be my girlfriend y/n?”

“Of course I will Yeol.” He hugged.

“Thank you for making my night perfect instead.” You smiled in his chest. “Now let's get you home and change you into warmer- AHHHH!”

“Haha!” You laughed. While he was talking a car had driven by a puddled and wet him completely. “Aww now we’re even haha!”

“Yeah let's go get some clothes” he opened the door for you. As you sat there you saw the humor in his face as he walked to driver side.

 He had driven to exo's dorm first. No one had seemed to be home though.

“Here I'm pretty sure Chen still has some of your clothes here from when you stayed the night.” You nodded he let you in and you walked straight to Chen's room.

 He room was shared with someone, you could never remember who till he walked through the door.

“Oh hi y/n.” Lay said sitting on what seemed to be his bed.

“Oh uh...hi Lay…” you said grabbing your clothes.

“Dang you’re soaking wet, what happened?” He asked handing you a towel.

“A lady at the restaurant tripped and splashed water on her!” Chanyeol said coming into the room putting on his shirt, and well you couldn't help but stare. “Haha here.” He said taking you by your hand leading you to a different room. “You can change in my room, I'll go get the shoes you left here and fill free to borrow a pair of socks.”

 He closed the door and you changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater shirt. When you were done, you opened the door to find Chanyeol holding your ugg boots and a pair of Chen's socks.

“Haha, you look cute.” He said wrapping his arms around then placing a kiss on your forehead. You could feel your body heat up. Before you could process what you were doing you pulled him into a passionate kiss that deepened. He had dropped the items and pulled you closer deepening the kiss. When you pulled away his eyes were filled with lust.

“Woah…” you and Chanyeol had looked over to find Lay, Xiumin, and Sehun starring.

“Haha hey guys.” Yeol said testing his arm in your shoulder.

“I'm guessing the date went well?” Sehun said going to his room.

“Actually it's not over yet, we just came to change.” The guys looked confused on what Yeol said. “I'll explain later, you ready?”

 The date after was pretty interesting. For a minute a dog had started chasing you and Chanyeol through the park. Chanyeol had picked you up and put you in a tree with him.

 You two walked through the local mall, he had a few extra money on him and you played glow in the dark mini golf. While playing you were hit by a ball in the hip, and it made Chanyeol really mad.

 After he had calmed down he took you to the  Amusement park and rode the Ferris wheel with you.

“I know this night has been the best but..”he started.

“Chanyeol this has been the night of my life so far.” You smiled at him.

“Really? But you've only been getting hurt or wet.” He said looking to get upset.

“Yes Chanyeol, I know you've been trying but it's been amazing.” He hugged you.


 While he drove you home he noticed that car behind him again and went for a another fast ride. Once home he walked you to your door planted one final kiss on you and left.

Present time.

 That was probably the most exciting night I've ever had, like ever. It was definitely a different kind of date, but it was perfect. You sat on your bed thinking about Chanyeol, you were happy, but your mind kept trailing off to Leo. Was it him last night? If it was...why? You couldn't get him off your mind, but your thoughts were cut off when your phone rang.

“Hey Ken-”

“Y/N get over here hurry!”

Leo’s Pov:

 After talking to Ken he went on social media and saw a photo making him want to run up to y/n and hold her. He needed to do something to ruin his date. She can't date Chanyeol, that fucking liar!

 He looked at the photo posted 15 minutes ago on his account of Chanyeol kissing the girl he “ supposedly” broke up with.


After losing the car yet again he decided to head home. It was tiring chasing them down, but she looked to be having fun...ugh! I wish I could tell her.

 Leo thought when he went to the room he shared with Ken. He laid in his bed as Ken got a phone call.

“Hello?” He started. “No way!” Leo started to feel uneasy. “Wait she what? You're kidding!”

 Leo couldn't handle it he stood up and went outside for some air when he was greeted by a very familiar figure.

Ken’s Pov:

“Hello?” He started.

“I JUST GOT HOME AND TALKED TO THE GUYS Y/N’S DATING CHANYEOL!” Chen screamed through the phone.

“No way!” Leo said questioning yet believing.

“Yeah she came over and she had changed in his room!” Chen said speaking fast than the speed of life.

“Wait she what? You’re kidding!” Ken said as Leo left the room.

“Yeah and the guys walked in on HER making out with him and she was smiling and looked at him and AHHHH!” Chen was definitely more excited than y/n.

“Well she's finally all grown-” his words were cut off by a scream.

 Ken dropped his phone and ran out side with the other guys. He had stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the two grown men fighting. His roommate and fellow member Leo, and the guy his little sister just finished a date with, Chanyeol...
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