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Hello Royal Family! I am here to bring you......
Awww, they are telling their Royal Family hello. Let me introduce you to these wonderful group of guys. As you know this is Boys Republic. I will be bringing you tid bits of information about these 5 guys. Shall we begin....
Members: Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong
Label: Universal Music Korea, also managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment
Debuted: June 05, 2013
Debute Single: Party Rock, this is a great song.
Before their debut, the boys did their 1st variety show in front of 20,000 local K-pop fans in Japan at the K-pop Festival 2013 Live in Kumamoto.
In March 2013, the boys were PR for Jeju Air, this was the first endorsement song. The song was called "Orange Sky".
Offical Fan Club: Royal Family
I want to give you a little insite on the meaning of the fan club name. The meaning of the fan club is showing loving hospitality towards everyone in the family. These boys consider their fans part of their family. In Korean, royal is pronounced "loyal", which in meaing is defined their fans and the boys themselves always being loyal to each other. I feel this fits them perfectly. An example of that is the boys showed support to the Royal Family, by writting a personal handwritten note to their fan clubs.
Awww, this is so sweet of them. I love these cute notes. It makes me feel so special. Well my Royal Family, it is now time to go. But I will be back nexy Saturday. Till then stay Royal!

Royal squad
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Those are cute notes! That personal touch what makes them special ❤
Yes it is.