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■□■ K-POP: Would You Rather #1 ■□■

Would You Rather be....

- Roommates With BTS -


- Best Friends With BIGBANG -

- This is all in good fun, so no fanfare in the comment sections. Both Big Bang and BTS are extremely talented -
Don't forget to comment down below your choice and I'll see you guys back next time with another

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Roommates with BTS!!!
7 months ago·Reply
100% friends with big bang although I do like bts more how much time ae they actually in their homes to hang while jm their roommate plus roommate dosnt ensure friendship and like big bang us bae
7 months ago·Reply
roommates with BTS.that way I have one for each day of the week. on Sundays kookie and I can fanboy/girl over GD.
7 months ago·Reply
Best friends with Daesung! I mean Big Bang! ♡♡
7 months ago·Reply
Roommates with BTS since I don't know Big Bang as well. I would like to be friends with Big Bang tough too😂
7 months ago·Reply