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I will not accept the fact that Natsu's dead.... if they can bring Juvia back they can bring him back to just saying..... but that was very cruel of Zeref to tell of death like that... it broke my heart...... On a side note... really loved the color pages of the FT couples being together!!! Link to Chapters:
I haven't actually sat down and gave Fairy Tail a good read yet...but Zeref is so annoying and I just want him to go away. 😂
i always get really stressed waiting for ft manga to come out, so this time, I decided to read other manga while we waiting. so after I finished all of them, 2 chapters had came out, so I thought 'I'm sure these chapters will be great! I wonder if Natsus gonna beat Zeref yet?' and here I am now, stressed after this cliffhanger . . .
-sits there and tries to not cry- If Gajeel, and Juvia come back then....Natsu will too! I mean 😭😭😭he has to be with Lucy!
Exactly!!! It wouldn't be fair otherwise
Hopefully natsu will go full on END mode and come back to life.
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