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Rape from what we know is just physical, all anyone says about rape is that it's physical act of anything sexual without consent. Here is the real thing about rape is that it has nothing to do with your body. If you were raped and you couldn't recall and no one else knew, you would never know, and therefore never hurt. Rape is the breaking of your soul or spirit, the physical stuff sticks and hurts, but it only does because you remember. You can be raped and not even physically touched. If someone willingly tries to mentally break you or emotionally wreck you just so they can. That's a rapist. A bad rapist hurts you physically, so the scars stay emotionally, but a good rapist never even has to touch you, and will destroy you forever. The hurt hurts the same the pain burns just as bad, but for an emotional rapist there is nothing that you can do, nor will there ever be I'm just saying that rape isn't physical.
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