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Jimin and Yoongi were unpacking the grocery bags. We totally forgot we brought those pregnancy tests. They guys were laughing and play hitting as always. Bre and I turned on the Tv to relax.

"Ah um...what is this babe? This doesn't look like the candy bar I aaked for?" Jimin said.

"Yeah what is this all about?" Yoongi asked while looking at Bre and me.

"Oh shit I forgot about those." I grabbed them and grabbed Bre.

We walked to the bathroom. I wasn't nervous for me but I was for Bre. I mean Yoongi and I are not great friends but him as a baby daddy. Hell NAW!

We quickly took turns peeing. The guys were outside the door. They were super nervous. I could hear their racing thoughts. Low key I loved torturing them.

Jimin knocked softly on the door. "Baby please tell me. If you are pregnant we can keep the baby."

"Jimin give us a minute." I said

Bre and I read the results and giggled. I could hear Jimin pacing and Yoongi sighing. Yoongi came to the door and knocked hard.

"Look yall taking too fucking long. This is not a game. Baby please..." Yoongi said.

Bre opened the door. Yoongi almost fell. I busted out laughing but stopped when Jimin gave me a cold stare. He walked over to me and held my hand still with a serious stare.

"The first time Yoongi and I agreed. This is not a game." Jimin said.

"Look when you impregnate your mate you as the male will sense this before her. Do you sense anything?" I said.

"No, but I want to see the test." Yoongi said.

He looked at the test and then smiled. "Well at least I know you not cheating on me during the day Bre."

"Yoongi that is rude. Why would you even?" Bre said.

"I'm just joking babe. Anyways yall got normal pregnancy tests. If you were pregnant and used these it would do no good. You should have used the one for our kind." Yoongi kissed Bre.

"Now you tell us?" Bre playfully said.

"Well we wanna be wives not baby mommas anyways." I said.

"Technically you are our wives baby. We stained you and made you our mates. Mate is another word for wife or husband." Jimin said while sniffing my pregnancy test.

"Yuck what the fuck dude? You are auch a weirdo" Yoongi yelled.

"Leave my baby alone!" I said.

Jimin smiled and flased his fangs at Yoongi.
We working at the bar tonight. Yoongi amd Jimin been arguing. Yoongi wants to habe the same experience as Jimin. He wants to be able to be in the sunlight. However, he must drink my blood to get this gift. I would give it to him..not because I like the boy. But he is my beatie's boo. I hate seeing her said during the day. She longs for him.

Jimin claims that drinking from a woman to get her gift is just like sex. It's sensual and I belong to him. Now that we are mates Yoongi by vampire code must ask my mate for permission.

Jessamine began making drinks at this bar. She been working there for 3 months along with Bre, Yoongi, and Jimin. The boys were off this week. This was a hot bar where mortals and immortals played. The ladies who qorked there had to be dressed to impress.

Jessamine pulled on her lace black short romper. She was glad the table hid her chubby thighs. She waa taking drinks. She was happy ahe could control her thoughts. Jimin has the same gift amd has taught how to not allow the thoughts of others control her. However, she did enjoy invading others' thoughts when she served them. She enjoyed the sick shit she heard.

Bre came from break right before rush hour. She looked like a pastel goth with her pretty pink romatic curled hair.

"Did u know mates can unconsciously and consciously call out to their mates through the mind?" Bre said while cleaning aome ahot glasses.

"Wow that's cool." Jessamine said.

"I wish Jimin would stop being rude and let you give Yoongi that gift."

"Yeah I know but I have to respect my mate. But once given the green light I will give him the gift. But only for your sake."

"Well these rules are so hard to remember! It is like we have a whole nother society to adjust to!"

Time went by super fast. Jessamine took her break. She was hustling from the bathroom. We she heard some voices.

There she is the daughter of the Protector. We have to get her!

Jessamine heart dropped as she began walking fast. Then she heard more thoughts.

Get her!
Kill her!
That's the bitch we chased down.
Her mother and father will mot awaken on my fucking watch.
Let's kill her best friend too!

Jessamine POV

I began running and I grabbed Bre. She ran with me aaking me questions. Suddenly these shadows came out of nowhere and qe took off again.

Suddenly I felt a blow to my head then I heard Bre screaming. I pushed a cold body and reached for Bre but something grabbed her. I continued to fell pain but all I could see were shadows and hear voices. I couldn't hold back and suddenly I left my body.

I could see clearly like it was day time. Then...

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