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For @AimeeH

"You're really wearing the pants my mother gave you?" The love of your life, the man who made everything better, looked absolutely ridiculous in the flowered pants your mother let him borrow. They were also high waters, sitting a beautiful four inches from his ankle.

"She was nice enough to lend them to me." He peaked down at you, smiling with just the faintest hint of his dimples showing.

"What's wrong?" He was thinking much to hard about something. His voice was flat, almost as if he was defeated.

"You always know." Wrapping his arms around you, pulling you close, he melted to you. "Things are just rough right now. I'm worried about the next album and how the guys are taking the back-to-back comebacks, I know their tired. But...but mainly I'm worried about you."

"Why would you be worried about me?"

"You lost your job, your father isn't doing well. I'm worried about your mental state babe." He paused long enough to place both hands on your face, thumbs rubbing against your skin. "I worry about how you're acting like you're okay when I know you aren't. It's getting to you and you're fighting really hard to make sure I don't see. "
"I love you."

"What was that?"

"I said," taking a deep breath and pulling away from him, you shouted ",I LOVE YOU KIM NAM JOON!"

Those were the first 'I love yous' to the thousands more that followed. Life would be okay.


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ooooo I love it!!