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■□■ K-Pop: Would You Rather #2 ■□■

Would You Rather....

Star in a movie with the Boys of BtoB~


Have a beautiful night and shoot a Music Video with the Boys of Beast (Highlight)

The choice is yours so leave below in the comments what you'd rather do ~~
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Shoot a music video with Beast/ Highlight for sure.
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HOW COULD YOU PIT BTOB AND BEAST AGAINST EACH OTHER!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? HAS @HELIXX SEEN THIS? GAH YOU WENT AND KILLED US BOTH WITH HAVING TO CHOOSE! I would choose BTOB and then run to BEAST oppas. Cause if I must choose one it would be BTOB but I would still tell BEAST I love them.
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First, I choose BTOB. Second, this is evil. Third, how can I turn down 2 months of filming with BTOB and laughing my bum off ayt their antics??? Filming a movie with BTOB means I could get close with the baes and they could just introduce me to Highlight so I could enjoy that "beautiful night" a little ways down the road. 4, I didn't realize I was friends with satan *glares at Kwon*
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*glaring intensifies*
7 months ago
@LemonLassie Yes, I have.
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