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Here is the next chapter for you all~

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Day 16 | Big News

As Krystal and I walked over to the other people, they all roughly seemed about our age as well. 'What the hell is this, a college trip?' I thought. It was weird to see so many people my age but I tried to shrug it off.

"Act natural," One of the guys said as we neared them, a little too loudly. It was probably meant for Krystal and I not to hear that but we couldn't help but glance at each other and laugh a little.

"Hey guys," Taehyung started. "So this is Avri and Krystal and they will be staying with us for the time being," He said, pointing to each of us. We did little waves and they smiled back. "The plain looking one is Namjoon, that princess over there is Lisa, the mom of the group is Irene, the pervy one is Jae, and the quiet one is Hyuk," He explained, making us all stop at his explanations.

"Excuse me! I am not a perv!" The one named Jae yelled in self-defense.

"Nope, he hit that perfectly. Well done Taehyung," Irene stated, giving him a thumbs up.

"I'm..... plain-looking?" Namjoon whispered to himself, touching his face as he thought about it.

"Princess? Hell yeah I am. I mean just look at me," Lisa said, flipping her hair. 

"Oh god," Hyuk whispered, going back to getting strawberries. 

"Well that's about it," Taehyung said. "So you two can uh...help out over with the potatoes. If you need anything just yell," He said, pushing us in the direction. Krystal and I headed over and started to work quietly. 

"Those guys are really weird," Krystal finally said after a while. 

"Definitely," I agreed, laughing a little. We then stopped, enjoying the silence for the first time since we got here.

"So do you think they are coming?" She whispered suddenly, not really wanting to ask the question that has been on her mind. I glanced at her, noticing how she didn't look at me and seemed sad. I sighed.

"We can only hope so I guess. The worst case scenario is that we get separated for a while but we will find each other again. I know it." I said, trying to comfort her in some way.

"How can you be so sure?" She asked. 

"I just....know," I said, and left it at that. Krystal didn't really say anything for the rest of the time we picked potatoes. We just sat there enjoying the silence and before we knew it, it was already the afternoon. 

"Okay guys, let's go in for a bit!" Yijong called from over at the barn, directing us all over to the house. We all followed suit, grabbing what we had gardened and brought it inside the house. 

We took turns washing the vegetables and fruits while Yijong made us some lunch. Krystal and I were the last ones to wash. We gathered our potatoes and went and sat over by the hose outside. We had grabbed a big bowl to place the potatoes in and some knifes to peel and cut them up. 

Krystal hadn't really talked since she asked that question but then out of no where, she started crying. It surprised me really, seeing her cover her eyes with her right hand as she held the potato in the other. I stopped, and immediately moved closer to her.

"Krystal, what's wrong?" I asked, wanting to be here for her as she said she would be for me. "You know you can talk to me about anything right?" I reassured, pulling her into a hug. She nodded her head, trying to take deep breaths. 

"W-Well... there is something..." She trailed off not sure how to address it. "But you c-can't tell anyone okay? I am afraid that if people find out that they will l-leave me or do something-"

"Krystal, you are scaring me," I said, thinking of the worst. Is she bitten? Was it during the fight? My mind was racing when she stopped and looked me in the eyes, changing everything.

"I-I'm pregnant."


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Waaaaahhh!!! Krystal!!!!! That's rule 500 something or whatever!! Don't get pregnant during a zombie apocalypse!! I know you probably got pregnant a while ago, but still!! Oh no!!!! Dx
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