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These are some things I have found on amazon, if you guys are interested i've left links along with the products if you want to check them out.

Anime Fairy Tail Cosplay Natsu Dragneel Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag

Amazon : Click here

My Neighbor Totoro Anime Cartoon Satchel Messenger Bag Waist Bag

Amazon: Click here

Death Note Watch Neckalace

Amazon: Click here

Pokemon Socks

they also have more options to pick from
Amazon: Click here

If you guys like me to find you something interesting, i'll post more pictures like these for you!

I know for sure when I get paid i'm buying that fairy tail purse
what do you guys think?

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@EezaScarlet56 oh I know what you mean! I didn't know what anime was till everyone was like "omg you have to watch it!" Now it's a obsession I can't get over
what has anime done to me?! i used to go outside and ride bikes and other stuff, not even knowing what anime was. Until my sister made me watch the first episode of FT . . . then later on, she kept on obsessing over anime merchandise, I thought that I'd never be a big enough fan of anime to buy them. Well, here I am now trying to save up for a LOT of anime merch. A LOT
now I need to get the FT messenger bag . . .