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Who: Reader x Huang Zitao x Lee Seunghyun x Kim Minjun
What: Smut, Journey, Love
Story: Welcome to The Panda Zoo a club meant to bring fantasies to life and for get about the troubles of life. A step brother, ex boyfriend and your friend with benefits have two things in common the first is you but the second goes much deeper...
Minjun's POV

The first step to getting somewhere is deciding you're not going to stay where you are.

He wasn't sure how it got this bad but it was. Again his best friend was leaned up against his front door looking half dead and begging Minjun for help. He leaned over to pick up Nichkhun from the ground while he was coughing. He hadn't showered in days, he was dirty all over. He thought back to when Y/n and him used to date.

"An addict is smart even when they're stupid. They don't go to the people they know will reject them they go to the ones that will help them, often times help them means enable. If they know they can count on you they'll always come to you."

Minjun didn't know how to stop caring for Nichkhun. He was his best friend; he fell into some hard times after his brother died and he started using drugs. He was addicted. Plenty of times he stole money from him, he even stole from Y/n when they were dating. She didn't get upset, well she did but it wasn't about him stealing her money it was about Minjun letting him keep using him. He took care of him but he wasn't doing an intervention, he wasn't stopping him from using he was just enabling. Y/n eventually left him but she had told him it was for different reasons. She wasn't in love with him the way he was in love with her. She didn't want to waste anymore of his time. She just knew they wouldn't be more than they were. He was heartbroken but he respected her for telling him the truth.

They had started Panda Zoo sometime ago, they had the entire building built from the bottom up. He came to Zitao and Seunghyun for help though. He realized that Y/n was right, everyone needs an escape from reality. Panda Zoo was the perfect place to do it. Seunghyun and Minjun both had the money to get it off the ground. Tao had the skills to draw in people. He was charming and sweet and he was already certified as a bartender. Minjun needed an escape from this. He needed a moment where he didn't have to worry about the next time Nichkhun would drop down in front of his door. He didn't need to constantly worry about when someone would call him and tell him that Nichkhun was dead.

He was staring down at Nichkhun asleep on his couch. He fell asleep immediately once his head hit the pillow. Minjun looked down at him and sighed. He covered him with a blanket. Most of his stuff was locked up now even if he left Nichkhun alone he wouldn't be able to get into anything to sell for money. He had to get back to the club to put things together for later on tonight. He wasn't sure if she would get him or not. He figured Seungri would rig it so that he could have her first. His Domain was much different from Minjun's.

He headed out after getting his house keeper to come over and keep an eye on Nichkhun. He couldn't talk to him at the moment. Minjun honestly just wanted to get away. He needed some kind of release. He arrived at the club hours before it was open to the public and walked in. Tao was sitting at one of the chairs in front of the stage just looking up at it in awe. He had a glass in his hand as he sipped on it.

"Tao." Minjun called out to him.

He looked over to see him walking over and then looked back at the stage. Minjun sat down right next to him.

"So tonight is the night." Minjun said.

Tao nodded,

"She's going to think we're so weird."

"You never know Y/n's always been a bit open minded." Minjun said.

"Yeah but I'm her brother she might think that's too weird."

"You're her step brother besides I think she might like it. She's never actually been opposed to sex." Minjun said.

Tao laughed before he took a sip of his burbon. He looked at the stage with almost empty eyes. He was in deep thought which made Minjun go into deep thought for a moment. How was he supposed to get Nichkhun off the drugs? Anytime he tried to help, Nichkhun wouldn't listen he'd have a fit and run off until the next time he needed his help. Y/n was right, he kept coming back to him because he knew he could rely on him and Minjun was being too weak. It was almost ironic. Minjun was a business man had Nichkhun been stealing from his business he might've actaully cut him off completely but he let Nichkhun control his life. He let him steal from him and he made no qualms about it. He wanted to help Nichkhun. He tried to help but it seemed like he just didn't want the kind that he was offering. That only stressed him out more. That's what made him take Y/n's little joke to heart. Minjun always found conducting buisness was a stress reliever but sometimes it added onto his stress too. He decided to have the place built and thought it would be fun to add in the ability to leave the stress of life behind. Reality didn't have to be so hard to deal with and for a moment he could ignore it. He could escape it. It was the best thing she'd ever said. She had all the visions; he had the money to back it up. It was mainly because Y/n was normally down to do anything that they chose her but they all shared her in common. On some level, all of them wanted her and Minjun was already aware that Seunghyun was vibing her. They kept things casual but he knew she was sleeping with him. Like when he went over to his house to talk business and he saw Seunghyun pick up her panties fron the side of the couch and stuff them in his pocket. He knew they were her lacey pink ones because there was a slit right on the side that she had made by accident. They were going to be of no use soon anyway.

He was a bit jealous that Seunghyun had her but he knew that Y/n didn't love him. He held back those old feelings he had for her. He was crazy about her for a long time and she just didn't feel the same. He wasn't even thinking about the possiblity of trying to arouse those feelings in her he was just looking for...escape.

Sweet Escape.

*Present time*

Minjun led Y/n to the upstairs room that was considered his domain. He opened the door for her and she looked at him with a smirk and stepped inside. He watched as she looked around stunned at the room. The entire wall before her was a screen that projected a beach in the sunlight. There were green palm trees, fake, in the corners of the room and a hamack held up between two walls. There were beach chairs on the floor and they used tan carpet to make it look a little more like the beach. There were sounds playing that went in tune with the video of the waves crashing on the sand and it sounded so soothing. There was a tropical drink set up on the side, someone knew he'd have her tonight. The sounds had birds singing in the distance and there was a spray that would go off every twenty minutes to make it smell like ocean water. It had almost a sweet scent to it though. He could already see her physically relax. He closed and locked the door behind him. She turned around and smiled at him with a little giggle. Her giggle always made his heart rise and made his mood better. She looks so beautiful standing there.

"Like what you see?" he asked.

"Very much. What are you guys trying to do though? I mean you're not going to sleep with every woman that comes in here are you? That can get a little dangerous don't you think?"

"You're one to talk. No dangerous than sleeping with a guy on the first date."

"Oh you're really going to throw that in my face again? Okay Minjun I see how it is." She said squinting her eyes in fake annoyance.

He laughed,

"The point is to narrow the experience down to one guest at a time. We want to make them feel important, make them regulars. That way when it happens they know who will entertain them. For however long they buy us and they get all of our attention only."

"So it's like a host club?" she asked.

He nodded.

"There's a difference though because it's like a game. They get to choose the Domain and the host will be the surprise. They get about an hour with us and then we go to the next guest that chose us. Here's the thing we don't sleep with these women we just sleep with you." he said.

"Is that supposed to be a perk for me?" she said sarcastically.

"Don't act like you don't want to. I know you and Seunghyun have been bumping uglies though."

"Okay first mine is fucking beautiful okay."

He stepped up to her with a smirk and wrapped his hands around her waist,

"It certainly is." he said.

She laughed,

"Second, Seunghyun isn't supposed to be going around telling people me and him sleep together on occasion."

"Well when you leave your panties at his place I think it'd be a little hard to deny it." he said.

She looked at him shocked and then slightly blushed,

"Point taken. Dumbass told me they weren't there I should've known he was lying." she said.

"I'm sure he was sniffing them in the back."

She started laughing. That laugh was beautiful to him. Her smile and the way her eyes closed as she laughed. She was just as he remembered her. He lifted her chin and said,

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah Junnie." she whispered against his lips.

He slowly dipped his head down to collide his lips with hers. His hand on her waist snaked around more to pull her closer to him. His tongue slipped past her lips and he felt hers welcome his. His hand came up to the zipper of her dress and he started to slowly unzip it down the curve of her beautiful body. Her white strapless bra held her breast firmly as he slid her dress down her body.

"You used to touch me like this when we were dating." she said.

"Like what?" he asked coming back to her lips.

"Like this, slow. Romantic." she said with a smile.

"Would you like me to be a little different?" he asked.

She looked him in the eyes as if she were trying to see if he was only joking or not. His other free hand came up to her neck to lightly squeeze it and he said,

"Would you like me to be different Y/n? Tell me what you want sweetheart."

She smiled,

"No just stay the same. I liked you this way." she said.

She placed her hands on his chest and ran them up and down for a moment. He swopped down to caputure her lips again and he kissed her deep but slow. Intimately. She started to unbutton his shirt button by button until it was completely undone. She tugged the shirt down his large muscular shoulders and he let it drop. His hand came up to her waist as he stepped closer to her. She pulled away for a moment to look down at his body and she smiled, she looked up at him,

"You haven't stopped working out."

He chuckled,

"I have to stay in shape."

"Maybe I'll go with you to the gym next time."

"I'll hold you to it." he said.

He wrapped his other arm around her and kissed her deeply. He ate up her lips like she was the very last dish he'd have. He remembered the way her lips felt, soft and sweet but her bottom lip was plump enough that he liked to suck on it a little. He caputed that bottom lip and bit down a little and she moaned. He sucked on it slightly and led her closer to the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued the kiss. She sighed at the cold wall meeting her back. He pulled back to cup her breast and kiss just below her collarbone. She let out a soft moan, she sounded beautiful. She pushed him up for a second. She started to undo his pants. He liked the way her eyes flashed upwards to look him in the eyes. She smiled and got down on her knees once she had undid his pants. She pulled him out of his boxers, pushing them down as she licked her lips.

"Y/n I'm supposed to be doing this for you." he asked.

"Well you would if I had one." she joked.

"You know what I mean."

"Hey we both need an escape so let's enjoy paradise together shall we?" she grinned.

She looked back down at his member, large in her hand and her mouth open to take in his tip. She moved her head back and forth in a bob as she licked up his tip. She sucked on it like a lollipop and all he could do was let his head go back as he groaned out into the room. He licked his lips too and looked down to catch her looking up at him as she sucked him off. Shit, she looked so damn sexy, his hips bucked into her mouth unconciously and she took him deeper while her hand rubbed his length. She sucked him harder and he started to hit the back of her throat the way her mouth closed around him had him ready to cum. His hands were against the wall to keep him up right. He placed a hand on the back of her head and guided her more. He let her keep going down on him. He could hear the wet smack of his meat running into her mouth. Her mouth would open wider and then close around him.

"Shit." he growled.

He pushed her off him and cupped her face. She stood up and he crushed his lips over hers. He pushed her into the wall again and brought his hands to the back of the wall. He pulled off her lips to look her in the eyes. His breathing was shallow but he was so into this. He was less stressed about Nichkhun. In fact, he was forgotten and in the back of his head. He licked her lips. Her hands came to his chest to feel him, he licked her lips again quickly. He was licking her up teasingly. He wanted to repay her for what she had done to him. He gripped her and pulled her into him; she let out an excited gasp and giggled. His eyes had to be as dark as hers. She was aroused probably by how animal he looked at the moment. He was the romantic one, though and he gave into that natural instinct for a moment. He kissed her again but this time softly. His fingers went into her panties and he started to slip them down. Her hands met his and helped him rid her of the thin material covering her soft womanhood. She wiggled her hips as his hand slipped between her thighs. He came off her lips to hear her moan. She leaned her head up against the wall and moaned,

"Oh that feels so good." she said.

He watched her with hazy eyes. He missed this.

"Turn around." he told her.

She stood up straight and slowly turned around to face the wall. He unhooked her bra and she pulled it off and tossed it to the side. He pulled her butt out a little and she used her hands to hold her up against the wall. He slipped inside her easily and she moaned at how his length reached deep inside of her. He stretched her out and she was enjoying every inch of it. His hands wrapped around her body as he began to move slowly and his hands cupped her breast. His thumbs rolled over her nipples amazing her and causing her to push back deeper into him. He moved a little faster and reveled in the feeling of her tiny ass slapping back into his body. She let out moans through closed lips which only made him try harder to get her to scream. He pulled her out more and her hands slapped back against the wall to keep her standing. She was fully bent over and he just kept ramming into her from behind. He moved quick but even trying to get more sounds out of her.

"Ah- So good!" she moaned.

He liked hearing that. He pulled her from the wall and laid down. She straddled him and he grabbed her hands, she locked her fingers with his and she started to ride him. At first going slow and kind of circling her hips. He could see her panting but she had a smile on as she watched him watch her. It felt amazing inside her warm caverns; he ended up pushing up into her catching her off guard. She moaned and started to move properly, no longer being able to play. She looked into his eyes while she held his hands and she bounced up and down on him. Her hand left his to rake through her hair and he grabbed onto her breast and massaged it with his now free hand. She bit her lip when he did that and then he sat up to suck on her nipple again. Her nipples were a weak spot and it made her ride uneven but harder. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rode his harder while she smoothered his face into her breast. He quickly flipped her over onto her back and she laughed when he did. He bucked into her hard turning her laugh into a moan. He stayed inside her for a moment and then pulled out slow. He came back and bucked his hips into her hard again. She cried out as he did. He moved out slow again and then back in hard; she moaned loud. He liked watching her face change, it was beautiful. It was erotic. He licked her neck before he came up to kiss her. He placed his hand by her head and looked her in the eyes as he rode into her evenly. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he dove deeper inside her making her scream.

"You're doing so good baby." he said.

"More Minjun." she begged.

"Gladly." he said.

He pulled out of her and flipped her onto her knees he pushed her head down and pushed into her. He rode her hard and fast making her scream into the floor. Her hand came to her clit to stimulate herself while he destroyed her body with his rough pounding hips. He gripped her hips like she might slip out of his hands. His grip was boa like and he definitely didn't want to ease up for a second. She asked him to stay romantic but she had awaked an animal in him the moment she went down on him. It was great and he felt the blood rush to his dick. She screamed her orgasm and gripped at the carpet; her body shook from the climax and tightend around his so much he shot into her before he could pull out of her. He let himself leak inside of her before he pulled away from her body and laid down beside her panting. They both looked up at the ceiling and their heavy pants along with the beach sounds was the only noise between them for minutes. Once their breathing had calmed down she said,

"Don't tell Seungri I let you do that."


"Ah, he has this thing about wanting to cum inside me. He doesn't like condoms apparently. I mean I don't blame him but gotta keep yourself protected, right." she said sitting up with a chuckle.

She brought her knees up to her chest and made herself small; she leaned her chin against her folded arms.

"Why does he want to cum inside you?" he asked confused.

"You know Ri he's intrested in marking his territory anyway he can."

"You don't want to be his?" he asked sitting up beside her.

His hand came to her back, she was a little smaller than before. He looked at her but didn't mention it much.

"I don't want him getting the wrong idea. Or you. Don't think just because I let you do it that we're hooking back up or anything."

"I wasn't thinking that."

"Unfortunately Minjun, your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness. That heart of yours lets everyone know how you feel about them. You shouldn't feel that way about me." she said.

"No one really gets over their ex. When they love them I mean."

She stared at him for a moment she moved onto her knees and cupped his face in her hands. She kissed him softly and said,

"I've always loved you Panda, it's just not entirely the way you loved me."

"Is Ri better than me?" he asked.

"Well he's a more dominant lover but I wouldn't say better but he's not bad. I enjoy you both honestly. You have different styles. Or at least you used to, seriously that iron grip is going to leave a few marks." she smiled.

"Guess I don't know my own strength." he lied.

She chuckled probably knowing it was a lie herself. She looked at the room and said,

"Seunghyun has this stupid thing were he says if he's going to waste his seed he might as well waste in someone rather than a wrapper that gets thrown in the trash."

Minjun chuckled,

"How does he not have like fifteen kids running around right now?"

"Um Honeslty I think he does he just keep them in a barn out west where no one can find them with like his eighteen mistresses." she said.

They both laughed together and he laid back. She curled up beside him and they basked in nakedness but the room really gave the illusion of being at the beach and it was relaxing.

"How are things with Nichkhun?"

Minjun groaned,

"I just- don't even want to talk about that right now. Much less think about it."

She looked up at him for a moment, her eyes searching his face. She laid her head down on his chest and laced her fingers with his. Her fingers sort of played with his hand making it feel like the days they used to live together. He closed his eyes just to imagine the feeling of her being in love with him. His other hand that had been laying on her waist came up to comb through her hair. This was the only world he could have her. So he'd enjoy every bit of it...
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