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Hello B2UTY! It's Melissa with Doojoon Hyungline Saturday. For this week's theme, we are doing scenarios. I hope you like the scenarios I came up for Doojoon.

When you tell Doojoon that you don't like spicy food. 'What did you just say?' He's about to have a breakdown from the shock.

When you are having drinks with Doojoon, and He's trying to seduce with a look. This wine is very good. Don't you agree?
He asks with that look in he's eyes. Oh my heart can't resist that look.
When Doojoon sees your place for the first time. This is your place? Your home? Can I come over more often? he really likes your new place.

Well that's all for this week's Doojoon Hyungline Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the Doojoon scenarios.

These are great! He would cry so much if only he knew I can't have anything spicy!
hahah, this is your place!? him and those big eyes
I like them!
@LemonLassie Right! That's my favorite one!
Hahaha cute
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