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I'm tired, not really... bored... ALOT but don't have time to start a new KDrama or read a book and too brain dead to add to a story - sorry. I was thinking about it and decided to do a little ramble, it's what late night is good for right? :D I have a taglist saved called Escapists and thought I'd explain where it came from. :] You can stop reading now if you want ;)

Jan 31st, 2016 I posted my first story here on Vingle. It was SO hard and weird sharing my writing with people but my daughter kept mentioning Fan Fictions and I thought, I can do that - so I did. Mainly so she would read something I wrote lol. She would tell me to post in other area's so that more people could read them. I was AMAZED that people were actually LIKING them and then clipping them! I'm not a popular Fan Fic author but that's okay with me, I just love the fact that people actually enjoy my stories.

My goal with my Fan Fictions is to 1. help others find a new bias or group 2. see an idol as a real person and 3. help create a vision of who they could be, if they aren't already, when they find the woman they're looking for.

The first person to actually say to me, "I am your biggest fan!" was @ElishaFisher, then @pharmgirlerin and @HayleyYates found me. I can't express how much it brightens my day when you guys make comments about parts of the story and I get to see how much you get into them and love them. Thank you - all of you. Pharmgirl decided I needed a fan club - rofl - she and Elisha decided since Elisha was #1 fan that Erin would be the #2 fan and President of the fan club. (BTW, the fandom color is purple and Erin swears she's making a light stick) Elisha, Erin and I have all become good friends, I've even met Erin in person (one day Elisha!). I came up with the name "Escapists". What is one? Well, I'm a HUGE Nightwish fan and that is the title of my favorite song of theirs. An escapist is a nightingale trapped in a golden cage (next line: that's me trapped inside realities maze) - writing helps free me from realty and I really hope helps free you for just a little bit from the chaos of this crazy world.
This picture resembles it the best to me. So who are my Escapists? Those that have loyally followed and read every story I've written and those that have requested to be tagged on more than one of my stories, those that bring a smile to my face and that I try to find time to write for.

Love you guys! You will never know what your acceptance of my writing means to me.

Gris β™₯
Read what you write is so much fun and being and escapist sounds like fun too πŸ˜ƒ
Me too! Love you so much and I'm so excited for next weekend! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
awww μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš” μ–Έλ‹ˆ *finger heart-eu* Proud Escapist here 😁