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Hello Melody! It's Melissa with Changsub Saturday. For this week, I'll be sharing some Changsub scenarios. I hope you all enjoy them.
You meet up with Changsub. You got a new outfit for your date. Changsub's reaction when he sees you. Oh My Heart!

You are upset with Changsub for being late to meet up with you. So he overreacts the whole situation. Why are you mad? I'm only a few minutes or hours late. Why? Why!!
At this point, you are totally embrassed.
Saying goodbye can be so hard, but Changsub makes them sweet with blowing you kisses as you leave. Muah! Muah! Be careful on your way home! Muah!

Well that's all for this week's BtoB member Saturday! I hope you enjoyed the Changsub scenarios.