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Day 16 | Optimistic

"WHAT!?!?" I yelled out of surprise. Krystal immediately shushed me and placed her hands over my mouth.

"Quiet!" She whispered, wanting me to calm down before continuing. All I could do was look at her in shock.

"How long?" I asked, trying my best to understand the situation. She fumbled with her fingers before glancing up at me again.

"3 weeks..."

"WHAT?!" She stopped me again. I breathed out slowly to try to stay focused on the topic. "And you didn't think to mention this why?" 

"Well... I knew everyone would freak out about it like you did! I found out right before the apocalypse started and then when everything quickly spiraled, it seemed like something small compared to what we are dealing with here," She explained. She placed her head in her hands, overwhelmed. "What am I going to do Avri? What is Kai going to say? Will he leave me behind?! Will you?" I saw as her lip started to quiver, most likely trying her best not to burst into tears. 

My heart ached at the sight. To imagine being pregnant at a time like this... it would be horrible. It must have been hard to even tell me about all this. I immediately hugged her, wanting to be there for her in some way.

"No. Never. I will not leave you Krystal," I could feel tears gently hitting my shoulder as she clung onto me. She cried quietly while we were like this for a while. I couldn't help but squeeze her tighter, knowing fully well that she needed me right now. More than ever before. 

It was awhile before she calmed, backing away from me slowly. She wiped slowly at her eyes as she sniffled, wanting to fix her appearance. She grabbed the potato she had been holding in her hand and started to peel it once more. 

I went back to peeling as well, knowing that she probably wanted this silence for awhile. It took us another 30 minutes to be able to finish washing and peeling the potatoes and when we headed back inside, we were met with an empty table. Everyone expect Yijong that is.

"Well it's about time!" She said, coming over to take the bucket of potatoes out of our hands. "We got tired of waiting for you both so we just ate anyways. There are leftovers for you two on the table so just dig in," She explained, not even asking why it took us so long. Maybe she knew that something happened out there and it was best not to get involved. Either way, we were thankful no one pried into anything. 

We quickly finished our meal and that was when we realized that it was already night time. We could hear the other people upstairs playing around. What I didn't expect however was to find the one named Hyuk sitting outside by himself. 

Intrigued, I quietly opened the front door and took a seat next to him. He was surprised, not really knowing what to say. Instead he just stared at the stars, breathing in the cool night. It was a comforting feeling, not awkward or weird. Just... nice.

"So, I just want to say something," He mumbled, looking down. "I over heard what Krystal said to you earlier." He whispered, making my eyes widen.

"No way. Did you-"

"No I didn't." He reassured, making me sigh in relief. "It seemed like it was something that should be kept quiet so I didn't want to say anything." He continued, looking over at me. "Is the father still alive?" Taken back by his question, I nodded slowly.

"Yeah. He is out there with the rest of our group."

"You mean this isn't all of you?" He pried further.

"Nope. There are 9 of us in total. My father, my best friend Jimin, his parents, and Krystal's boyfriend Kai all got separated from us. But they are on the way. I am sure of it," I stated, trying to sound as confident as I could. Weirdly, Hyuk started to laugh at that. 

"Wow, look at you. So optimistic," He said.

"What, something wrong with that?" I asked, a little hurt at his reaction. 

"No, not at all! A lot better than us. We are anything but optimistic." He trailed off, the smile on his face gone.

"So, speaking of you five, how did you all meet?" I questioned, hoping to switch topics. He chuckled a little at the question.

"Well, it's funny really. We were all working an event for our different companies when it all happened. And then we found each other during everything and we were some of the only ones to make it out alive. It was weird, a singer, a rapper, a stylist, a technician, and a delivery guy all working together  but I guess the end of the world changes things huh?" I couldn't help but smile at that. 

"True." I added. "So which one were you?" I asked, curious.

"Which one do you think?" He questioned, making me think.

"Hmm...well you don't look like a singer. Hardly a rapper. Your clothes say otherwise that you could be stylist and you don't seem too handy with computers...so the delivery guy?" He was shocked at my deduction skills.

"Woah, spot on. How creepy," He shivered. 

"Ehh, just a lucky guess," I said making him laugh again. I actually didn't mind talking to him. He seemed pretty nice, compared to some of the others. Maybe we could get along with them after all, I thought quietly to myself.

At this time, we heard something coming down the road, making us both jump up at the sound. And we couldn't believed our eyes at what was coming towards a house. Unconsciously my legs started to move, running towards the one thing I had been hoping to see all day. 

A car. 

Aww Hyuk was so cute!!

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