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Morning Fam^^

The results of the poll are on time this week!


Let's see what you guys voted in the Top 10 this week, shall we? ;)

10. WINNER - Really Really (5 points)

2nd week on chart - Moved down 7 spots!

9. SF9 - Easy Love (5 points)

8. SHINee - Better Off (5 points)

7. Dean - I'm Not Sorry (5 points)

6. Monsta X - Beautiful (6 points)

2nd week on chart - Moved down 1 spot!

5. BTS - Not Today (7 points)

2nd week on chart - Moved down 1 spot!

4. Zico - She's a Baby (8 points)

3. GFriend - Fingertip (9 points)

2. Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad (9 points)

2nd week on chart - Same spot!

Andd a cute Dean gif

Because I have been watching too much Supernatural recently and he came up when I searched Dean LOLOL

1. DAY6 - I'm Serious (12 points)!!

You go my boys T-T

Thanks to everyone who voted and look forward to next Friday~

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

*The Dangerous Bitches*

~The Song Enthusiasts~

B โ€“
D โ€“ @destiny1419
E โ€“ @ESwee
F โ€“
G โ€“ @Gaarita100
L โ€“
N โ€“
O โ€“ @OppasManBun
P โ€“
U โ€“ @UnicornSuga
V โ€“ @VKookie47
X โ€“
Y โ€“ @YviLole15
Z โ€“

(Credit to owners of the gifs!)

Oh Supernatural...noice
I love all of them!