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Hundreds of fans from across Asia were in attendance as Heo Young Saeng of SS501 reported for military duty. image On October 31, Heo Young Saeng reported to the army training centre in Chungnam province. He will be there for four weeks receiving basic training and will then work as an enlisted soldier for 21 months. About 350 fans from different parts of Asia were present to see him off. The Japanese fans were especially noticeable as two buses full of Japanese fans arrived early in the morning holding many signs. Some signs read “We will forever love you” and “Come back, we will be waiting.” Also, many of the fans held the sign “150730, Waiting” which showed that the fans already knew the date when he will be finished. As the excited crowd was waiting, Heo Young Saeng finally arrived at the training centre wearing a black baseball cap. Heo Young Saeng showed off his new short hair style and spoke to his fans. Heo Young Saeng said “Thank you all for coming” and “Korean men must go to the army, so I will serve well and come back healthy.” image After his speech, Heo Young Saeng took off his hat one last time and bowed to the crowd before leaving to the training facility. After his departure, his fans couldn’t contain their emotions and started to cry. Come back safely Heo Young Saeng!