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Who do you think would finger Boruto?
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no one. he's too bratty to have that done to him (there I said it he's too bratty and if anyone disagree I'll take it down)
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Yea he is looks more gangsta than young naruto...
7 months ago
Konohamaru sensei
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6 months ago
@SimplyAwkward It's really sad that they took such a great anine and made it crap now😧
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Is Boruto even worth watching? I have heard nothing but bad things about it. People have told me the only really interesting ones are Mitsuki, Sarada, and maybe Shikadai.
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It's not so boring but I really only watch it for Naruto. I want to hear people talk about him also I want to see that they don't do anything dumb.
7 months ago
There are no words for how much I appreciate and laughed at this card, thanks for posting this!
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