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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has recently shared a friendly snapshot of him hanging out at the recording studio with two fellow group members and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. On October 30, the idol uploaded the photo on his personal Twitter along with a short message, “HenDongTiEun after finishing recording last night.” In the picture, the four are posing in front of the recording equipment looking slightly exhausted but happy after wrapping up their work. Both wearing black shirts and black caps, Henry and Donghae could almost be mistaken for siblings. The latter has casually placed his arm around the younger one’s neck, showing off their brother-like relationship. Eunhyuk is sporting an outfit that looks both stylish and comfortable, and makes a classic V-sign to the camera. The only female representative of the group, Tiffany, cannot hold back her excitement as she closes her eyes for a cute pose and plays around with two sheets of paper, probably ones that contain the lyrics of the song. Are you excited to hear the result of their collaboration?