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Who:Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: Coffee with Smutmer and Smutgar. Sweet and smooth and sure to keep you up all day... or night. Story: Part 2/2 You were sitting on the bed perched up on your knees. White lace was wrapped around your body so you looked sweet like an angel. Your hair was down your back and even the wrap you wore was white lace. Your skin practically glowed in the dim candle light. The door opened behind you and you turned to look over your shoulder. He walked in with no shirt on and his pants half unbuttoned. "Hey babe." "Hi." You said in almost a whisper. He came over to your side of the bed and leaned over to see your face. "You look nervous." "Don't I always?" He gave you a soft smile. "You look beautiful." He said. "Thanks." You smiled back. "So it's been six weeks now and you're still uncomfortable aren't you?" He asked. "You won't let me drink before anymore." "How many times do I have to tell you I don't want you drunk every time we do this? My sweet puppy, the moment you trust me is the moment you'll descend into euphoria. You saw how we were connected last time right? It wasn't just you in a drunken haze while I fucked you. We can make love like gods if you'd just be open to it." "You're analogies have gotten very colorful lately." You said tilting your head. "That's because they make you laugh and smile and most importantly, relax." He said. "Oh Mintaek." "Cute." He kissed you softly and your hands came up to frame his face. He leaned forward to push you back into the bed. His lips covered over yours pressing you into the bed. His hands slithered up your stomach and came to unwrap your lace wrap from your body. He pulled off your lips with a sharp inhale that was more aroused then you. Your stomach coiled at his long fingers slowly trailing down your stomach, his finger tips ghosting over your skin felt more intimate then when he had you standing up with your hands cuffed above your head. You shuddered at his touch and the tip of his forefinger met your little nub. He pressed into it making you whine. He kissed your belly button softly. "Mintaek." You moaned. "You're not holding back this time. Are you finally giving into pleasure?" "Never." You whispered another moan. He chuckled, "Your actions say something else puppy." "Ahhh." You let out another moan much longer. He chuckled and grabbed your panties and quickly yanked them down and stopped by your thighs. The quick action made your eyes shoot open and you looked down at him. He was smiling up at you. You were breathing hard but your eyebrow arched upwards. You looked at him wondering what he was doing. "Don't think." He said. "The more you think the less you feel." "It easier for you." You said. "Puppy, you're mine. I would never do anything to you that wouldn't please you." "Then why are we doing this?" You shot back. He laughed, "Don't pretend. You love it." He dipped his head down to kiss down your thigh while he slowly removed the rest of your panties. His lips made it to your womanhood and kissed your clit sending a rush through you. Your core began to warm up even more until it was hot and begging. He let his tongue create a wet trail all the way up your body before he came up to your lips again. He slipped his hand behind you and unhooked your bra. He was soft and gentle but you knew he had a rough side. It would come out more the further he went in. He looked at you with dark eyes of lust. His pupils were huge. He breathed you in as you did him. His heart was probably racing. Yours was as well. Pounding, in fact, and the way he was staring into your eyes silently almost unblinking didn't help. His breathing was amazing the sound of it had your heart going faster, it was ragged, a little heavy and off pace. "I know what you're thinking." He whispered. "Probably not." You whispered. He nodded. "You're thinking, I think I'm in love with him." You chuckled lightly. "Maybe." "How can you give me your first time and not trust me?" He asked. "I guess I was tired of waiting." "Or I was pushy?" "You do like control." You nodded. He kissed you. "I really do but I would've waited." "I don't regret it." You said. He sat up and looked at you in shock. "Jebal?" You laughed. "You were sweet. I didn't want to give it to someone that didn't care and even less someone that I'd eventually regret giving it to. I don't know, you just- took care of me so I didn't feel as scared. I was nervous through the whole thing." "You're nervous now." "I'm nervous anytime I'm with you. Anytime you say you want me. It's just not so easy to give into that." "Why?" "I'm scared." "Of what?" He asked. He was locked onto every word coming out of your mouth and this was probably the most comfortable you had been with him. This was probably the most he'd ever heard you speak honestly about how you felt. He was locked in, his eyes were on yours and you couldn't look away. You stalled in speaking but he didn't falter. His eyes didn't leave yours. "Of you." You whispered. You closed your eyes and he was quiet. He came down and pressed his forehead against yours. "I know baby." He whispered. "I'm sorry." "Your scars tell a silent story. I know your mind is unsettled. You can trust me, I know you don't, not entirely but you can. One day you'll realize it. You'll realize that I'd never hurt you. Let me close enough to heal you and I will." "If I give you myself there's always a chance to be hurt." "I won't. You are my everything puppy. My world, my princess, my baby girl and my first love. Do you understand how much you mean to me? If I didn't want you do you think I'd invest so much time in you? Someone that cares is going to keep fighting the wall until it breaks because they there's something beautiful behind it." "You're beautiful." You teased. He chuckled lightly, "You've surpassed me." He said. He kissed you softly and slowly. He opened up your legs a little more and he pushed a finger inside of you. You moaned into his mouth while feeling his finger prod into you. It was just feeling around and curling up into you. You grabbed his arm but he continued and poked a second one in you. His fingers were long and persistent and stealing you away. He kissed your neck as he played in your heat, his thumb third with your clit. You were beyond wet, soaking in fact and it was just making him even more ravenous. He came up to your lips to kiss you hard and he bit your bottom lip. "You're so damn cute." He said in a low growl. He kissed down your neck and on your collarbone. "You ready?" He asked. You nodded, he lifted you up and turned you so your head was up on a pillow by the headboard. He grabbed one cuff that was on the end of the bed and then cuffed your wrist. He did the same thing with the other side. He looked down at you, "Are you alright?" You nodded, "I'll say it if I'm uncomfortable." You said. He nodded. He placed one of his dry fingers on your lip and traced it down your body slowly. Your body rolled in a wave, trying to follow his finger that was tickling you. Your hands yanked a little on the cuffs before you laid them down. He played with your clit again for a little, just teasing and feeling around. He pulled away and you watched as he finally released his member that had been threatening to break out of his pants if he didn't take them off soon. He slipped off his pants along with his boxers and tossed them to the side. He put the blindfold over you before he began. He came up between your legs and ran his tip up and down your folds slowly. You breathed in sharply. How could this feel so good? Your body was burning for more. "Please." You breathed. He found your entrance and only his tip went in. He tortured you by moving slowly and only shallowly dipping inside of you. You whined, you wanted more. You bit down on your bottom lip but you felt his hand come up while he was still moving and pulled your lip from between your teeth. He licked your lip and your mouth opened for a kiss that just happened to be his tongue swiping across yours. He was teasing you. "Please." You whined. He went a little deeper and your hands yanked against the chains holding you; he caught your lips only slightly but he still teased. You pulsed around him and he groaned. "How can you say you don't want me?" He chuckled. "More." You breathed. "More Puppy?" He asked. You nodded breathless. "More, more please." "It's not enough baby girl?" He asked. You shook your head. You were panting, your hands pulled at the chains but he continued to torture your hole. Your legs pulled towards you. You whined losing yourself. "You look so hot like that." "Mintaek." "I like how you beg for me. You seem helpless. You seem like you need me." He said. "I do." You cried. "You need me puppy? You need me deeper in you?" His voice was husky and teasing. "Yes. Please Mintaek give me it all." You could feel his lips graze over yours so you knew he was there. "You first." He said. You whined and he chuckled. You felt him go deeper and you cried out. "More, more. Fill me up." You begged. He went deeper until he was completely inside you. Your hands pulled at the cuffs again. He saw how excited you were. You were more excited then you thought you could get. He moved all the way out of you and then slid back in you just as slow. You felt like your heart was about to burst. Your hands had become fists as you moaned out into the room. He moved faster for you. A feral like groan came for him. He moved faster emptying and filling your body. He moved quickly and ruined your walls. He stretched them and ruined your body. You were in high moans yanking on the chains that had you bound and you were lost in the pleasure. "Mintaek! Mintaek!" You moaned. "Say my name puppy. Who do you belong to?" "Mintaek!" You moaned out again. "Jesus Y/n." He growled slamming into you. He gripped your hips and lifted your butt a little. You felt the bed sink a little and your hips got a little higher. He must've sat up on his knees. He rocked into you harder and faster making you beg to come. You wanted a release. Pressure had built up so much. "Mintaek!" You cried. "Ooh Y/n. You're such a good little girl." He moaned. He fucked you faster. "F-ucking delicious." he groaned. He went slowly and laid on top of your body and kissed you. He kissed you hard which you welcomed just to keep the sensations going. His lips left yours and made it to your breast which he licked up hungrily. His tongue quickly traced circles over one nipple and then he bit down. Your back arched as you moaned out loud. He made it to your other breast and sucked on it. He came off of it with a loud pop and then his mouth went over it again. You heard him chuckle as he came off of you. He pushed the blindfold off your eyes and your eyes adjusted to see him hovering and still grinding into you. Blood rushed to your heat even more causing you to tighten around him. He bit his lip while he stared down into your eyes. "I want to watch you come." He said. You nodded. He smiled and moved harder into you. He practically slammed into you like a battering ram. You screamed. He moved that hard continuously: you moaned loudly calling his name. "You're going to break me." You cried. "Come on Puppy." He said roughly. "Mintaek." You whined. Your toes curled and your arms yanked on the chains trying to get to him. One of the cuffs snapped open and you wrapped your arm around his shoulder; he kissed you briefly before grabbing your hand and pinning it to the bed. "Come on." He said. "Mintaek." You cried. "Y/n." He moaned. Your body clenched him and you screamed out in the biggest climax you'd ever experience. Your body trembled and he continued to move in you. "Fuck." He groaned. He hit into you harder and your body was already sensitive from the powerful orgasm. He was enjoying riding into you. He growled as he finally met his release. "Oh baby." He moaned as he sprayed into you. You tried to catch your breath as you laid down panting. He kept moving to ride the high down but he moved slowly until he came to a stop. He laid down next to you. He turned to his side and you faced him. He laced his fingers with yours. "I should make you a mother." He smiled at you. "Maybe you already have." You said. "Yeah with that last one," he laughed. "That was the biggest one. I guess you really turn me on." You smiled at him as you looked into his eyes. Your eyes started to get heavy as you laid next to him. He uncuffed your other wrist and you turned around to spoon with him. He wrapped his arms around your body and held you close. He pet your head and brushed your hair back. "I love you." You whispered. He kissed your cheek. "Finally." He said. "I love you too puppy." Was the last thing you heard before you fell to sleep.....
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