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To add to the list of celebrity relationships, it's been confirmed that Moon Geun Young(26) and Kim Bum(24) are dating! Rumors erupted that the two 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi' co-stars have been in a relationship for one month, and Moon Geun Young's agency has officially confirmed that it's true. Namoo Actors announced on the 1st, "Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum grew fond of each other through 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi'. They're currently just getting to know each other and are carefully beginning a relationship. Please look on them kindly." There are also reports, which haven't been confirmed, that the two were spotted going off on a trip to Europe together as they're currently on break after the end of their drama. Moon Geun Young is in the process of searching for other projects after 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi', while Kim Bum is doing the same after promoting the Chinese film 'Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon'. Kim Bum didn't get the girl in 'Goddess of Fire, Jeongi', but it looks like he nabbed Moon Geun Young in real life! Update: Kim Bum's agency King Kong Entertainment has also confirmed that the couple has been dating for one month.
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It was just the time for it...:)