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Hello my Royal Family! Suki, here with another Minsu Monday! Today I am going to bring you Minsu in some outfits the make you think........Ummmm what was the sylist thinking that day.
Here is the fit one. They are flowers. He is so cute dressed in flowers. This makes the other members think," Can I pull this outfit off as cool as Minsu?"
Now the second one.
We have pink flowers! The stylist must have been in a spring mood. He is so aborable!
And the final outfit.
We have more flowers! This sylist must really love flowers. Maybe she or he did not get enough flowers or any flowers at all. This was a way to get them flowers. But who can blame the stylist, this is a cute and gorgeous flower bouquet! LOL! Well I hope you enjoyed Minsu in his flower outfits. Untill next time stay Royal!

Royal squad
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Its so wrong that he looks so cute in floral print 😊
What is his tattoo of?
It is a wolf and the words are in German meaning do something with courage.
the lady one is my favorite but he does look cute in flowers