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All the boys invited you to a Black and white Party that YG was hosting to put on for them for there comeback. You've been partially crushing on one member pretty hard for the last two years. What you didn't know was he was crushing on you as well.

Imagine your surprise when each of the members asked you out. You didn't know that the other members asked you to tease tour crush buy were incredibly relieved when your crush did ask you...

your date

You squealed in so much happiness. You planned your hair and outfit down to a T. hoping to make him drool. You know that for a black and white party outfits are either black or white and that kind of put a damper on your mood. You enjoy wearing colors of all sorts so being limited made you a little perturbed until a light bulb went off.

Your hair

It was time for the party. Standing patiently at your mirror giving yourself a once as you heard the chime of the doorbell you smiled. you reapplied your lip gloss and the curve your lips stayed frozen on your face. Well soon the smile fell because your jaw dropped at his tuxedo choice that made him look so deboniar and dashing.

his tuxedo

The look on your face brought a smirk on his. He reached for your hand and brought you all the way out. His jaw dropped and drool look like it was forming. All breath left him and for a few moments all thoughts vanished from his head at how stunning you looked.

your outfits

"(Y/N)," you look absolutely stunning. I'm going to be the luckiest guy there. I do have a question for you though..." He motioned to your hair. You giggle and the sound was a unsung Melody to his ears.

"Don't worry it washes out. It's just sprayed I used. You know I need color on my life."

Thr chuckle that erupts from him made your heart beat just a little faster. "Funny of you to mention that..."

The flowers

He pulls put your favorite bouquet of flowers and hands them to you. Inhaling there scent you murmur "beautiful". He quietly leans down and whispers in your ear "no your more beautiful."

His lips briefly graze your ear and a light dusting of blush appears across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. He places a hand in the small of your ba k and leads you to the chariot aka the car he would be taking you in.

Mirth lit up your eyes. You jokingly say..."I wouldn't mind being the driver."

The expression on his face was priceless. Laughter rose up your throat. On between holding your sides and your snorting you manage to tell him your just joking. He eventually joins in your laughter because you look so ridiculously cute.

Once you both calm down he opens the door and ushers you inside.

the car

As usual when the two of you our together it's nothing but smiles and laughs. You both rock out to the songs on the radios. He enjoys watching the little dances that you do inside of the car and even though you sing a little off key your voice is something that soothes and grounds him. For he won't tell you that he is just as nervous as you. In fact he more nervous because he needs to ask you an important question before the end of the night.

Your arrival at the party turned all heads. As your date was about to take you out on. the dance floor this member came up and sled for a dance.

(screenshot until you get someone other than your date. do it three times so that you dance with each member besides your date)

Dance Partners

It was like his brothers where playing a game of keep away you being the object being kept away from your date. At first you found it hilarious because each member told you embarassing stories about your date.

Stories of him Singing and talking about you. Tales of how nervous he was deciding on what to wear tonight having no clue on what you be wearing. Then towards the end of each dance the members would turn serious.

"(Y/n), you know we love you. We've been friends for years but please don't break his heart."

They peck your cheek and leave but the very last one you danced with brought you back to your date. Smiled and playfully bowed towards your date. He squeezed your hand and left you there standing with your date. Your smile didn't leave your face.

"What did they say? Did they tell you stories about how much of a dork I really am?"

The panic written all over his face had you impulsively cup his cheeks in your hand so you could loom in his eyes.

"No, they told me not to break your heart and we shared secrets. Just know to me your perfect." You released he face and trailed your hand down his arm and grabbed his hand.

An airy little laugh left you as you dragged him out to the dance floor. There song came Really Really came on and you started doing the choreograph to it which soon everyone else joined in as well. Happiness and excitement filled the air all night long. You both knew deep down that the success of this comeback was a relief to everyone here at the party after so much drama and time off.

Towards the end of the party you heard fireworks go off. He wrapped his arms around you and looked toward the display in the sky. He smile at all the noises and appreciation you gave the display. As the last firework went up in the sky he turned you towards him and pulls out a necklace.

the necklace

You gasp at the beauty and thought he put into the necklace proving how much he really did pay attention to you over the last few years. Your friends and his members weren't lying about how much he liked you.

"(Y/n), I've been trying for ages to ask you out. It wasn't until all the other members asked you that I knew it was time for me to ask you before it was to late. What I'm really trying to say is that i may be good with writing Song lyrics when it comes to you my ability to come up with a coherent thought let alone string words together that makes sense completely leaves me. I just know that your laugh is music to music ears, you are a Melody that keeps playing inside my head and I want to make music with you now and days, even years from now. What do you say, will you be my girlfirend?"

You never knew he could be so cheesy or that you would love that about him. Tears glisten your eyes and you bring a hand up and cup his cheek as you shake your head yes.

He wraps his arms tighter around your waist and pulls you in and brings a hand up to capture the hand holding his face and brings it down and he brings the necklace around the back of your neck and clasps it. He smiles at how it makes you look so ethereal. He brings his lips to your forehead and presses a gentle kiss there.

The forehead kiss wasn't enough to satisfy hi. so he kisses the tip of your nose and then your lips. As he slowly moves his lips with yours you bring your hands up and find his beautiful hair sinking your fingers into as he deepens the kiss.

You both breK for air forehead to forehead standing looking into each other eyes totally clueless to the cheers and catcalls going on around you.

So I hope you enjoyed playing and your own little love story here with winner. Let me know your results. Tag us the mod @WinKonVIP and us supporters of your results @MelissaGarza @Bangtanss @xoxorittie @BBxGD @LtheKid8 @VeronicaArtino

Now here is my results

my date
my hair
his tuxedo
my outfit
my flowers
the car
my first dance partner
second dance partner
the one that returns me back to my date
the necklace

That's really cute! and fun!
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