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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
Length: 2162 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me?

Part 6

Y/N’s Pov:

You had rushed over and seen Ravi and N hold back Leo and Hongbin and Hyuk holding back Chanyeol. Leo had a busted lip and just random cuts on his face along with Chanyeol.

“Y/n!” Ken said running out of the house with a damp towel.

“What the hell is happening?!” You ask walking towards him.

“Give me your phone!” Ken said and you obeyed.

“What? Why?”

“Babe come here first please” Chanyeol said as you took your phone before looking at it you walked towards him.

“Don't go near him!” Leo yelled making you stop as Hongbin and Hyuk let go of Chanyeol and N and Ravi let go Leo.

“Like she's going to listen to you! You tried to fucking mess up our date two nights in a row!” Chanyeol said pulling you behind him.

“Only because you're a fucking liar!” Leo said stomping towards Chanyeol. “You just wanted to use her while you're still in a fucking relationship!” You felt your chest tighten at his words. What is he talking about?

“I'm fuckimg dating her!” Chanyeol stopped and smiled. “You were following us the whole time, weren't you? I'm sure you saw me kiss her.” Leo clenched his fists. “And you saw her kiss me, her soft lip-”

 Chanyeol was cut off by a direct punch to the jaw. I yelled instinctively as he stumbled back. He looked more shocked than in pain. Before I could get any closer, Chanyeol stood upright and lunged for Leo, grabbing his collar.

“Chanyeol, let go!”, I called out in a panic, making my way towards both boys along with the rest of Vixx. I tried to pry his fingers away, off Leo, but he wasn’t budging. “You son of a bitch”, he seethed, shaking Leo.

 Leo on the other hand, showed no emotion, except his eyes- his eyes were burning with silent anger as he stared at the boy in front. Chanyeol let go briefly, to punch him, but I pushed Leo out the way, catching the brunt of the impact of Chanyeol's fist.

“Shit!” I heard Chanyeol curse, as I swayed sideways and used the railing of the porch to stop me from falling. He had knocked my phone out of my hand, and my vision was further blurred by the tears. There was a dull ache in my cheek, and I was stunned by the force.

“Y/n! Chanyeol you bastard!”, Ken yelled, rushing towards me. Chanyeol started to look for my phone, repeating ‘I’m so sorry’. Leo helped and propped me onto the porch I had held for support and placed his hands on my cheeks. “Hey.” His once angry voice was now gentle.

"Look at me.”

 I weakly tried to push him away, but of course he didn’t move. Ken must have been holding out my phone behind my back, because Leo took one hand away to snatch it and glare at him.

 Before he handed it to me, he wiped my eyes. I was so so confused. What even was this boy? Did he like me or not? I gave myself a few seconds before I croaked, “I’m OK.” I turned to Chanyeol, clearing my throat. “That wasn’t your fault Yeol, don’t worry about it."

“The hell if it wasn't!” Leo said standing between you and Chanyeol, then turning around to look at you. “Y/n look at your phone, it'll show the truth!”

“No! Y/n let me explain please!” You looked at the photo and you chest felt tight again.

 The photo was of Chanyeol and his ex girlfriend kissing at the café you, Chen and Ken hang out at. The photo was on Chanyeol's twitter and it was posted today, today when he told Chen he was out shopping. Today while Chen and Ken were trying to help you for tonight. Today...while you ignored Leo. The sadness was turning into pure anger.

 “Just hear me out! Please!” He yelled, abruptly grabbing my shoulders and shaking me, like he was willing me to see sense. I acted on reflex and kicked him hard in the groin, and he dropped to the floor.

 I heard a tired voice grumble, “Chanyeol...?”. Chen said. In fact, by the sounds of it, all of Exo  was now in front of Vixx's dorm.

 And that’s when I unleashed hell. He sat up and I pushed him flat on his back before straddling him, and throwing a punch. It was a measly attempt at hurting him, and he just lay there and took it, not even fighting back.

“You sonofabitch!” I screamed, the tears spilling as I spoke. “Y/n stop!” Ken shouted. Before I could comprehend what was happening, I was being pulled off him by two different people.

 Through my tears I watched as Chen and Baekhyun appeared to help Chanyeol get up. He shrugged them off and got up himself, not taking his eyes off my struggling form. I glanced at the two people who had grabbed me.

 On my left was Ken , and on my right, Leo. “Let go!”, I cried, struggling in their grasps while they effortlessly held me in place. “Y/n, calm down!”, Ravi said. He was at a loss for words- they all were. None of them had ever seen me like this.

“Lay, get her some water”, Chen ordered. Him and Baekhyun were still stood closely behind Chanyeol. “What the hell’s going on?”, Chen demanded, looking between me and Chanyeol.

 I pointed towards Chanyeol using the arm Leo was holding. I was gasping for breath through my tears. I felt Ken slowly let go of me, knowing I was too upset at this point to charge at Chanyeol. He motioned for Leo to do the same.

“He screwed her over Chen!”, Ken spoke sternly. “She gave him a chance and he spends the day with his ex and his night playing with her fucking feelings.”

 Hyuk and Lay came back and handed me the glass of water. I took the tiniest sip, mindful of the fact that he had gone and bought it for me, before Leo took it away from me to put on the floor.

"It just...happened.” I scoffed at the pathetic explanation.
“It just happened?”, I repeated, with a humourless smile on my face. “Right Chanyeol. It all makes sense now, you’re forgiven. Because it just happened.”

  He stepped forward and everyone had tensed. It made me feel a fraction better knowing they were all on my side and no one was going to stick up for him and his fuck up.

 I uncrossed my arms and immediately clenched my fists. If he tried anything, he would get it. I knew I hadn’t hurt him physically- I wasn’t that strong- but it wouldn’t stop me from trying.

“I am sorry y/n. OK? I regret it, and I was stupid to do it.” His apology sounded generic and forced, with no hint of actually being apologetic.

“No, you’re not”, I told him, shaking my head. He looked instantly annoyed at how I brushed him off. “You’re not sorry. And you’re not mine. I can’t believe I thought I could give you a chance.” I was whispering, but he could hear me loud and clear.

 I heard him huff in annoyance, before he suddenly shouted, “It was a mistake damn it!”
“Keep your voice down”, Ken ordered. Ken knew from experience that shouting at me only made me cry harder, only made me hate the other person more. Ken knew.

 Shaking my head at him, I turned to leave. I was done. Chanyeol wasn’t for me, clearly- I should have realised from the first time, when Leo had tried to mess up your date.

“I’m such a fucking idiot”, I muttered as I walked through the gap between Leo and Ken. “Y/n, wait!” Chanyeol called, going after me.

“Leave her be man!”, Ken spoke, but of course Chanyeol ignored him. He was Park Chanyeol , the boy who could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

 He must have pushed past Leo and Ken easily because he yanked me back by the arm. With my free hand, I hit at his chest. “Don’t touch me Fucker!” I yelled.
“Just hear me out. plea-”

 It was Leo who pushed him away. He let go of me in shock, almost falling to the floor from the way Leo barged into him. “She asked you to let go”, Leo spoke. His voice was calm, but I saw his eyes flash with anger.

“This is nothing to do with you”, he spat. “I don’t want to end things based off a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding? You told Chen that you broke up with your ex, and still with her you tried to take advantage of my fucking sister!" Ken said raising his voice. All of Exo speechless. I rubbed at my arm, because Chanyeol  had dug his nails through my sleeve and into my skin, and it felt pretty sore.

“Y/n trusted you! The shyest most beautiful girl opened up to you! And you took her for granted!" Leo said as Ken and Ravi ran to him, keeping him from hurting Chanyeol. Which at this point you didn't care if he was fucking hit by a car.

You felt your knees go weak, you fell to the ground, Leo forgetting the anger broke through Ken and Ravi and ran to you.

“Y/n!” He said picking you up and taking you inside. You could feel your heart, it felt as it was going to burst. He laid you on the couch. Ken, Chen, Chanyeol and the rest of the guys following behind.

 Hyuk rushed in with the water he once handed you before. You took a drink and handed him the glass. Chanyeol had moved closer.

“Y/n I meant what I said, I really do like you.” Chanyeol said grabbing your hand which you snapped it away.

“Then what were you doing with her?”you asked wiping the tears from your eyes yet again.

“We were just hanging out y/n-Ahhh!” Leo had lift Chanyeol up by his caller.

“You do not hang out with girls like that, you cheated on her you fuck.” Leo said quiet but so angry. “Tell her the fucking truth or I will!”

“Let. Go. Now.” Chanyeol said giving him a deadly glare. At this point everyone is on edge and tensed not knowing what anyone was going to do next. Your stood up at this point. “Ok!” Chanyeol yelled then dropped to the floor as Leo let go of him.

“Tell her!”

“Fine! I cheated! I wanted both of you alright! It's not my fucking fault I love both of you!”Leo pushed him to he ground.

“You do not, I'm gonna repeat YOU. DO. NOT. fucking love her!” Leo stood, grabbed your hand and dragged to his room, locking the door behind him. “Whatever he tells you, y/n I did try to ruin your date, a girl like you should NEVER get used like that.”

“How'd you know?” You asked hearing the guys in the other.

“I saw his twitter...and I knew about the date…I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…” you could hear the pain in his voice. You wanted to cry again but you needed to go.

“I'm going home.” He looked at you.


“I need to go home Leo...I need to think.” He nodded and walked you out.

“Y/n!” Chanyeol yelled.

“Don't you fuckung dare!” Leo said blocking  Chanyeol from going near you.

“Y/n…?” Chen said walking towards you. “Y/n I'm so sorry, I just thought…”

“It's fine wasn't your fault. I'm just gonna go home.” Ken came over and hugged you.

“Do you want to meet up for coffee tomorrow? I'll pay.”Ken said pulling away. You gave him a small smile.

“No Ken I need some time to think…”

“To think?!” Chanyeol yelled. “Y/n we had a great time tonight and now you have to think?”

“Yes!” Him and everyone went silent. “I'm going home.”

“Let me walk you.” Chanyeol said walking towards you but was stopped by Leo.

“No way in hell you're going with her anywhere!” Leo said still calm.

“Come on Chanyeol let's go before this ends up on the news.” Chen said and him and the rest of Exo left.

 You had left too, once home you had locked yourself in your room. You didn't want to talk to anyone, you didn't want to look at anyone you just wanted to cry. You didn't want to go to work, you didn't want to talk to anyone, you didn't want to eat. You wanted to think and cry. Nothing more, nothing less.
Part 7 out tomorrow, I was wondering because I've noticed I haven't asked. Would anyone like to be tagged?
Personally, I'd kill Channy for cheating.
*fun fact* my brother reads every story I write and he said "if this really happened I'd be Ken and end up killing that Yeol guy" I was dying 😂💕💕💕