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This week I'm bringing a new game to the Chanyeol community. Wanting to do something different.
A story door game, where you pick a picture and the next card will flip it and show you the scenerio possibilities. there will be three parts to the game. best part you get to pick your own picture and look forward to what scenario you pick!

Theme for the Game is Prom, what with the season of high school prom coming up thought it would be fun to do.
Okay so without further adu, let's start the story . . Game! lol
(yea, I just really wanted an interactive story! lol)

Prom is just around the corner and you can't  wait for it to come. Just around the corner and you still don't have a date to go. Not wanting to be too excited like everyone else you go about your school days. On the radio one day you tune in to hear about a unique raffle that is going on with a celebrity. Upon hearing your idol Chanyeol is the lucky boy who will spend a day with the winner, immediately your cell phone is pressed to your ear and your trying to win. The line opened up on the phone and in your ear you could hear the words repeating. "Caller 21 you are the winner!!!! Congratulations!" The radio head announced. "Omg! I won!" You scream into the phone. "Yes you did! What is our lucky winner name?" He asked. "U/N" you say. "Well U/N. What are your plans for with Chanyeol?" He asked. "Taking me to my prom!" You exclaimed happily. You would have the best date there!!!! "Well that's something memorable!" He said. After that you was instructed to talk to someone and give them your information and you will be contacted within the next few days. . . .
3 days before Prom! On your way to school you hadn't known that there was going to be a surprise in store for you. Not thinking it had anything to do with you, your head phones still in your ears as you listen to the radio. When you hear your name though your feet stopped walking as you look up from the ground shocked!!!
. . . . . .

Now its time for you to pick a picture and see what happens next for you!

#1 Scenario!

#2 Scenario !!!!

#3 Scenario!!!!!!!!
pick a number and comment below. I will post the results tomorrow night ( Monday April 24)

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@QueenPandaBunny @JaxomB @BTSxEXO Thank you!!! tank you for playing 💙💙😊😊
Scenario 1
#1 😄
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