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Hello everyone!!

It is time for the moment you have all been waiting for!!

(Probably not actually, but...That's not important!!)

Jungshin in black and white!! I promise, it's definitely worth the wait~

*Spoiler* He looks hella good!! You will not be disappointed!! (And if you are then shame on you xP)

It always feels like a smack to the face whenever I remember just how attractive this boy is~

He's definitely a bias wrecker who just won't stay in his place!! But...I miss his long hair so much...It just fit him so well!!
Haha, poor baby! XD

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this week's theme with the members looking fine~ in black and white ^-^

Please look forward to tomorrow to find out what our theme for next week will be~

And see you all next Sunday~!!

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Omg same, I miss his long hair and I want him to grow it back out
He does look good.