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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa With Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are sharing what we think are some of Boys Republic members' crazy outfits. Here are some of what I think are Sunwoo's crazy outfits. Its not that they are bad, but they are kind of out there.

Ok, This outfit is not that crazy. Its the pattern that makes it crazy. Like what was his stylist thinking? It makes him look like a handsome man from the future.

This coat is gorgeous but on a woman. What the heck was his stylist was thinking. Its a crazy coat for a man like Sunwoo.

Okay, now for this suit. The color suits him but the patterns. They make this outfit crazy looking. It just pops out at you.
Here is another suit with crazy patterns in it. What makes this suit crazy, which is the vest. It throws the suit off. The color suits him, but the patterns and style is just too crazy.

Now this look is crazy wicked. With that hairstyle, that damaltion looking coat is crazy.

Well that's all for Sunwoo Sunday! Even its my opinion, these outfits are crazy, Sunwoo makes them work for him. Do you know any outfits that Sunwoo wears that can be consider crazy?

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It does make you think about the stylist. What were they thinking.