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Hello lovelies. My song of the month is Thank you. When i first heard this song it captured my heart and its a beautiful song and it made me cry. The feelings that this song invoked in me are undescribable. You can not ever find the right words to describe how one feels cause all words will seem inadequate. Heres a mini scenario that i picture when i hear this song.

You stand in the dressing room as people come and go. Fixing up makeup or your outfit and chattering. On the outside you look calm but on the inside you are a bundle of nerves. Today was the day that you go on a new adventure. You are hustle out of the room and stand before a set of double doors. They slowly open and you make eyes contact with the man you love as the wedding march plays.

Hope you enjoyed it.
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This is a beautiful song.
one of my fave songs as well!!!!!
was the scenario ok?