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OMG talk about living the dream!

DIA is getting 2 new members, and one's story is too good to be true:

this is dia

Meet Somyi:

Somyi is a huge fan of DIA, to the point where she even bought the official membership for the first round. She went to fan events, other fans obviously knew her, and she basically was like any other face in the crowd.

Until, that is, she JOINED DIA.

No one is really sure how it happened - if she auditioned or what - but a lot of people are speculating that she was scouted from fan events. The staff saw her, knew they were thinking of adding members, and brought her in to train.

No matter how it happened - HOLY COW SHE'S LUCKY.

Imagine wanting to be in a group and loving the members and then WHAM - you're in :D

You can see her in DIA's newest video :)

What group would you join if you could!?

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she can watch the interactions happen up close and even be shipped ❤😍
As a girl, I'd actually love to join f(x) or gfriend. If it were a boy group? Mm, maybe BTOB or SHINee. Maybe even VIXX so I could do the super cool concepts. *3*
MAMAMOO, Red Velvet or Laboum~
Mamamoo, F(x), Gfriend, or Exid
None tbh