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Gosh im so proud to them... imma cry now.... the feeling that you knew them from the very start and you did not expect at all that they will be this popular.. not just in korea... but internationally.. im very very happy for them that almost of their dreams are fullfilling step by step..... there were many ups and downs that happened to them... but still.. they stay strong and bulletproof from the bashes and issues that the Antis and media made to pull them down.. I must say that this is the sweetest fruit of your hard work
방탄소년단... remember that we ... ARMYs love you all so much... 사랑❤

(Check this link.. this is their acceptance speech cause they cant make it in MYC)

I dont intent to be emotional and cheesy but i just want to share my feels cause i cant blow this happiness here at my boring house and i dont have a person with me that is kpop fan too.. so here is my blog for today... (j)hope for more

I'm so happy they won!
So awesome XD i know the feels for not having kpop friends irl 😞